Best and Worst Things to Eat Before Bed

You’re hungry, but it’s almost bedtime. What should you do? Should you indulge your sweet tooth or should you try to forgo until the morning? According to nutritionists, it’s actually best not to go to bed with your tummy grumbling. Having an empty stomach will lead you to toss and turn, [...]

Is Adoption Right For Me?

It goes without saying that kids add so much life to a family. Any reason for wanting to adopt is the right reason. Children need to be loved, and there is nothing better than seeing their bright and smiley faces in the morning. The decision shouldn’t be made lightly. There are many things to [...]

Best Cardio Workouts To Burn Calories

Best Cardio Workouts To Burn Calories Everyone wants to have a toned look to feel confident, but our daily schedules have made it difficult to squeeze in time for a workout. To cut down on time in the gym, let’s maximize the most out of your workout! Here are the best cardio workouts to burn [...]

Love Your Wardrobe-The Clothes Purge

Love Your Wardrobe: The Clothes Purge We all do it. We hold on to clothes that end up crowding our closets and making organizing impossible. This is why we so often see women standing in front of a packed closet saying, “I have nothing to wear.” We have tons of clothes, but very few that […]

How to Get the Best Deals on Furniture

Whether you’ve just moved and are still settling into your new place, or you just haven’t found the right pieces of furniture to make your apartment feel like a home, shopping around for furniture is something we will all inevitably face. One of the first things you’ll realize when shopping [...]

Best Fitness Training Aids

Getting in shape is hard to do, staying in shape is even harder. There are all kinds of different trainers, drinks, diets, equipment, workout plans, and so many other things that claim to be the key to getting and staying in shape, but what really works? The options are endless, but we will [...]

Is Orange Theory Fitness Right For Me?

The answer is pretty straight forward.  Are you already in pretty good shape?  Can you run 2 miles without stopping?  If not, stop those crazy thoughts right now!  Orange Theory is an excellent choice for many people, but if you are just starting out there are many other options that may be [...]

How To Decide Where to Get a Dog

So you have decided you want a dog, what now? The first step can be the most difficult. Where do you buy a dog and how do you decide if you want to adopt, purchase, or some other method? There are advantages and disadvantages of each, it is all about personal preference and your situation. […]

Tips For Training Dogs

If you have ever had a new dog, especially a puppy, you know just how frustrating they can be. There are times where their cute face is the only thing that saves them from being kicked out of the house, but we love them! Training a new dog is never easy, but it is possible […]

How To Stay Awake More Throughout The Day

Are you tired of having heavy eyes and struggling to stay awake throughout the day? Once you get in a schedule of not sleeping enough it can be easy to stay in it, especially if coffee is involved. The fact is that it is not healthy to be tired all day long and prolonged tiredness […]

Breweries In New Jersey

Now that the weather is nice it’s a great time to get back out there and see some of the great things New Jersey has to offer. New Jersey is home to a bunch of great breweries, more than we could fit into one list. The ones below are a few of the favorites that […]