10 Bucket List Activities for 2019

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Time is one of the most valuable things that we have. Once it’s gone, we can never get it back. Make good use of your time, and use those vacation days to start picking off your bucket list items one by one.

  1. 10 bucket list activities for 2019Visit A Famous Spot in the USA: One by one, knock off internationally known spots in the USA. See Times Square, visit Mount Rushmore, take a walk through the Redwood Forest. Make a list of the things that you want to see and do in your country of origin, and pick one or two to do this coming year.
  2. Visit A Famous Spot Internationally: Similarly, make a list of all of the major things that you want to do overseas. See the Mona Lisa in person, stand in the center of the Red Square, and walk along the Great Wall. Mark each thing with a 1, 2, or 3 to give the destination a priority. There are things that you’re going to want to do, and others that you are dying to do. Make sure that you hit the top priority ones first.
  3. Finish a Triathlon: Do a physical feat that you never thought you could accomplish. Register for a race near you to give you a definitive deadline day to make it happen. Start off with 5k races, then add more and more distance. It doesn’t have to be a race. Pick up the heaviest deadlift that you’ve ever done, or swim the English Channel. This year is your year.
  4. Eat An Exotic Dish: Try something new. Have shark, eel, ostrich, or kangaroo prepared like the locals would eat.
  5. Be An Extra in a Movie: Love the movies? Then be a part of one. Search for casting calls in your area. Go out and give it a try!
  6. Adopt A Pet: Have you always wanted to be a pet parent? This year, you can make it happen. Do a little research on what kind of pet would fit your lifestyle. Talk to your local adoption centers, and bring home a furry friend.
  7. Move To Your Dream Destination: Don’t settle for a life that you don’t love. Take that leap of faith, and move to your dream location. Have enough funds to support you for a few weeks while you get set. Find a job, and start getting connected to your new spot.
  8. Go Scuba Diving: Are you looking for adventure? Scuba could be a great option for you. You can swim with sharks, tropical fish, see shipwrecks, and view a different world under the water. Become scuba certified this year to enjoy it again and again.
  9. Ride In A Hot Air Balloon: There’s nothing more romantic than spending an evening cruising over the land in a massive balloon. It’s a unique way to have fun, plus there’s champagne and an incredible view!
  10. Visit A Theme Park: There are some many thrill seekers out there, and so many theme parks. Hit the top destinations on your list to immerse yourself in a new world. See Disney World, go to Hershey, or ride the rides at Six Flags.

After crossing off several things on your list, you won’t be able to say that this year has been boring. You’ll see unforgettable things and cherish the memories forever. Go out and make your dreams come true.

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