9 Tips for Shopping Your Local Farmers Market

If you’re tired of shopping at your local grocery store, it may be time head someplace new – like your local farmers market. While farmers markets are known for providing you with quality locally grown produce, they’ve really transformed into a place where you can find all sorts of locally [...]

Great Ideas for Decorating on a Budget

Who doesn’t like to change up things around the home? After all, a well-decorated home showcases your personal style. David Hicks said, “The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them.” Of course, when it comes to showing off your style, you don’t want it to break the [...]

What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

Our personality shines through in many different ways. It’s apparent in the jobs that we have, the hobbies that we take up, and even the type of handwriting we have. Psychologist have started studying what different styles of handwriting can mean about a person. Write a sample sentence on a [...]

4 Foods That You Should Avoid

Everyone seems to be talking about what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat it. We see commercials daily about diet supplements and diet programs. Nutrition doesn’t need to be a complex science. Keep simple things simple by eating real food and avoiding heavily processed food products. [...]

7 Unique Philadelphia Attractions

When you head to Philadelphia, there are tons of fantastic sites to see. Philadelphia is a city rich in history and home to many famous attractions. You could spend all of your time exploring the typical tourist attractions, but if you’re looking for some different things to see in Philadelphia [...]

How To Curb Those Late Night Snack Cravings

You’ve started a new diet and things are going great – up until nighttime. Once the sun sets, you can’t seem to get your eating under control. It’s hard to lose weight and stick to a diet if you can’t avoid those late night cravings. Curb them with these tips. 1. Eat More During the […]

9 Podcasts for Your Commute

Yes, you can listen to the radio on your commute, but if you’re looking for something different maybe it’s time for a podcast. A podcast is downloadable media that you can listen to at any time – making them perfect for commuters. Today’s podcast subjects are many and varied and you’re [...]

Top 7 Benefits of Practicing Yoga

As you are searching for your exercise routine this January, be sure to add in yoga to the mix. Yoga is able to be done by anyone at any age, with any physical limitations. Even if you are a heavy powerlifter, yoga has a place in your routine. The benefits go beyond the body, and […]

Pros and Cons to Getting The Flu Shot

You’ve probably heard lots of talk about the vaccination debate. The reality is that vaccinations have been a major part of eradicating serious diseases. It helps prevent infant mortality, and extends the life of the elderly. We are able to live without fear of diseases like the black plaque [...]

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