10 Signs You Grew Up In New Jersey

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Tri-State area is the best. It’s like getting to live in New York City, without having to deal with the constant traffic, noise, and expensive rent. You still get to eat all of the great food, see all of the games, and have the peace and quiet of the suburbs. No matter where you go, you can always spot a former Tri-Stater. Here are ten signs you grew up in New Jersey!

  1. Chain Pizza Isn’t Pizza: We all know what pizza should taste like, and it’s nothing like a chain pizza restaurant. The sauce is all wrong, the cheese is bland, and the dough isn’t nearly as delicious. Everyone knows that you’re supposed to fold the slice!
  2. Summers Were Spent on the Jersey Shore: You had to make the summer trip down to shore, or it wasn’t really summer. It doesn’t matter what beach you landed on, the only thing you need is a chair and some waves. You can’t imagine living hours away from a beach at any point in time.
  3. Trains Are A Normal Mode Of Transportation To You: Most folks have never taken the train, but you’re a pro. You know where all of the stops are and how long it’ll take. Why in the world would you ever try to drive into NYC? That’s ridiculous.
  4. The Jets or the Giants: You have a strong affinity for one or the other, and there’s no way that you’ll ever pull for the other team. Friendships are made or destroyed over things like this.
  5. That Line Between North Jersey and South Jersey: Everyone knows that there’s a clear distinction between north and south Jersey. They might as well be 2 different states. We have different accents, we call things different names, and we have different food. To set the record straight, it’s called a “sub” or a “grinder”  and not a “hoagie.”
  6. Everyone Knows What “Going To The City” Means: Are you “going to the city” this weekend is not referring to Trenton. Everyone understands that you are talking about NYC. There’s no need to say the full name of the city when everyone gets it.
  7. People Outside the Tri-State Think You Have An Attitude: Why do people think you have to constantly smile all the time? If you travel outside of the tri-state area, you may get some feedback that people think you’re rude.  It’s not an attitude–it’s called “honesty.”
  8. You Have That Italian Friend: Everyone has that Italian friend with the traditional parents and family. You pray that you get invited over for dinner. They may be loud and in your face, but it’s the best kind of friend out there.
  9. Not Knowing How To Pump Your Own Gas: The most you know about pumping gas is what side the gas tank is on. You’ve never had to stand outside in the freezing cold and pump your own gas. It’s a blessing and a curse, because you’re somewhat bewildered when you travel out of state.
  10. Sandy Makes Your Cringe A Little: There are parts of NJ that are still recovering from the 2012 Hurricane Sandy. There was over $30 billion in damages, and over two million people left without power.

Why wouldn’t you want to live in a place where you can have all of the action at your fingertips? You are a short drive from the beach, have NYC in your backyard, and the best food around. Jersey is the best place to live–and we’re not being biased, just honest.

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