12 Housewarming Gifts Under $100

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Have you ever wondered where the idea of a housewarming party or bringing a housewarming gift originated? Before the days of central heating, it started when people would bring wood to a new neighbor’s home in order to build a fire and warm the house. 

Nowadays you no longer need to bring wood to a friend’s new home, but if someone is having a housewarming party, or you’d just like to bring them a present to congratulate them on their new place, then you need to shop for a gift.

 Perhaps you know just what the person needs for their new home – in which case – lucky you! But if you need a few ideas to help you come up with something, then check out this list. Everything on the list is under $100 (many are well below that price) and can be purchased online – which makes shopping easy.

  1. Artificial Succulents in a Pot: Not everyone has a green thumb – even with succulents. But these artificial succulents are perfect for just about everyone. They look just like real succulents, but they’re no maintenance!
  2. Elite 23-Piece Bartender Kit Cocktail Set: If your friend likes to entertain, then this bartender kit is fantastic. It’s incredibly stylish and contains everything (but the alcohol) that they’ll need to mix a great cocktail.
  3. Foomoon Pom Pom Throw Blanket: A throw blanket adds a bit of coziness to a room. This pom pom blanket will definitely add to the cozy feel, but it’s also extremely soft and warm – making it useful, too. It comes in several different colors and sizes, too.
  4. Wood Grain Vase Style Essential Oil Diffuser: Essential oils are very popular right now. The wood grain style of this diffuser means it will go with most interior design styles. And, you can always add in some different essential oils to complete the gift.
  5. Rove Metal Candles: Candles are another classic homecoming gift. These will not only make a new home smell wonderful, but they have a sense of style, too.
  6. Jikoku Shell Pot with Pale Wood Base: If your friend does have a green thumb, then some nice pots for their plants will always be a welcomed gift. These shell pots are handcrafted in Honduras and sit on wood bases (which is great for protecting your flooring). 
  7. AeroGarden Harvest: Does your friend love to cook? Then they’ll love this indoor herb garden. It contains the seeds for two kinds of basil, thyme, parsley, dill, and mint. And these herbs grow in water – so no messy dirt!
  8. Custom Map Serving Tray: If you want to give a gift that really celebrates a new home, then this custom map serving tray is the answer. You can request a map showcasing where your friend’s new home is – and that makes this gift extra special. 
  9. Personalized Wine Decanter and Glasses: Wine lovers will love having a personalized decanter and two glasses! Throw in a bottle of wine for good measure!
  10. Compact Swivel Cheese Board with Knives: This cheese board is another great gift for those who like to entertain. It comes in two sizes and takes up minimal space!
  11. Bodum Goose Neck Electric Water Kettle: Practical and stylish, this electric water kettle is an excellent gift for the kitchen. The water heats up quickly, and tea can be ready in just a few minutes!
  12. Galvanized Metal Party Bucket: Another great gift for those who love throwing a party! And even if you throw in the “Party Bucket Stand” – you’re still under $100. 

The next time you get an invitation to a housewarming party, leave the wood at home and pick up one of these gifts. Your friends will love your choice!

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