7 Popular Design Styles

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What is your favorite style of interior design? Are you the type who prefers modern, minimalist spaces with lots of natural light, or do you like lavish, Victorian-style homes? Do you prefer bright colors and bold patterns or soft textures and muted tones? Whatever your preference may be, there are plenty of popular styles to choose from. Here are a few popular design styles you might consider if you’re thinking of making a change.

  1. Modern Design Style: Modern interior design incorporates a lot of bright colors and clean lines. These spaces typically use lots of natural light, which helps to open up the space by making it feel bigger than it actually is. A modern home will also often include sleek furniture pieces with simple designs that don’t take away from the overall look and theme of the room’s décor. 
  2. Industrial Interior Design Style: When you think about the word “industrial,” what comes to mind? Many would say that they envision dark spaces with exposed brick or concrete floors paired with rustic wooden beams for support. While these are some aspects of this type of decorating that have carried over into today’s styles, industrial interiors have gotten much more glamorous since their origins back in the day. Nowadays, many designers use metallic accents throughout their designs, giving an otherwise cold space a warmer feel. 
  3. Mid-Century Modern Style: Mid-century modern design has a very specific look and feel that was popular in the 1950s. It is characterized by clean lines, lots of natural light, and open floor plans. This style often uses lighter colors such as whites or creams paired with wood paneling to help provide warmth within the space while also being neutral enough to not interfere with any other elements included in an interior design project. The furniture pieces tend to be simple but elegant, which creates a very contemporary vibe throughout.
  4. Victorian Design Style: Some might say Victorian home décor would have been old hat at one time; however, it seems like it never goes out of fashion when it comes to decorating ideas for both commercial spaces and residential homes. Known for their extravagance and over-the-top designs, Victorian homes were built with a lot of decoration in mind. From the lavish wallpaper to the ornate crown molding that is often used as an accent throughout these types of interiors, you can expect lots of glamour when it comes to this style.
  5. Shabby Chic: Shabby chic has become a trendy style when it comes to decorating homes in recent years. This is an old design concept that was made popular by French designers who used reclaimed or discarded materials and furniture pieces with lots of wear and tear, which gave the items their signature look. Nowadays, this trend has evolved into interiors where rustic elements are mixed in with more luxurious finishes for a high contrast effect.
  6. Boho Design Style: This design style is known for its use of natural elements throughout the interior. Whether it’s rattan, macramé, or clay tiles on the floor that have been hand-painted in vivid colors to create a bohemian effect, this type of decorating focuses heavily on texture and color schemes that are very earthy and organic!. Many homeowners will even choose older pieces (such as antique furniture) over more modern ones, which helps add to the overall look and feel.
  7. Eclectic Design Style: A little bit country with a pinch of city sophistication, eclectic décor has become one of today’s most popular styles when it comes to designing homes from top to bottom. It is characterized by a mix of different design elements that are all put together in an intentional way. Whether it’s vintage items mixed with modern decor or industrial fixtures paired up with treasures found on nature walks, this is the type of interior where anything goes so you can truly make your space feel like yours.

So, are you attracted to more modern pieces, or do you prefer something classic? Do you like neutral colors or pops of reds and yellows? No matter what you like when it comes to decor, you can find just the right style to bring to your home.

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