8 Must-Have Car Accessories for Commuters

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A good amount of people commute to and from work every day. With so much time spent in the car, the drive can be stressful, boring, or uncomfortable. Make your trip a little bit better by adding in a few of these car accessories.

  1. Massaging Chair Cover: What could possibly make a long commute better? Having a massage throughout the entire trip! It’s stressful going to and from work, and even more stressful having to sit in traffic. Take your stress level down a notch with the massaging seat cover. You can control the speed and rhythm of the massage. Depending on what you want, these start around $49.
  2. Car Vacuum: This little handheld vacuum will save you from sitting in old cracker crumbs left over from the kids. Keep your business attire looking fresh by having clean seats at a moment’s notice.
  3. French Fry Holder: Let’s face it. We eat on the go, and it’s not always the healthiest choice. The worst thing ever is spilling your fries from a sudden stop. The carton doesn’t fit into a cup holder, so the next best thing is your lap. No one wants greasy legs. Attach this fry holder so you can snack on the go safely and without spilling a single fry.
  4. 4-Port USB Charger: Everyone has a smartphone now. With the amount that we use them, the battery runs down quickly. Instead of fighting over that precious charger spot, invest in a 4-port USB charger that can accommodate more. You’ll rule the carpool.
  5. Smartphone Car Mount: It’s 2018. We know the importance of being hands free while we drive. We still need our phones nearby for calls and directions, but we don’t need to have it floating around in our laps. Have a car mount that fits into the air vent to hold any smartphone. Amazon has tons of options and choices to find the best one for you.
  6. Plug-In Air Purifier: This air purifier easily plugs in and removes unwanted scents and bacteria in the air. Breathe fresh, clean air without allergens and funky outdoor smells. You’ll never be haunted by the smelly car in front of you again. Allergy suffers rejoice. This means you won’t be sneezing and sniffling the whole way home.
  7. Parked Car Finder: There are tons of apps out there that can help you find your car. It may not be a physical accessory in the car, but it is an important tool that you need to have. It makes finding your car at the airport much easier.  
  8. Key Finder Fob: Even if you are the most organized person in the world, odds are, you’ve lost your keys before. You always seem to misplace them when you’re already late and in a mad rush. Of course your keys go missing at that time. Never worry about searching high and low again with the key finder fob that connects to your smartphone. You’ll always know where your keys are when it matters most.

After living with many of these add-ons, you’ll wonder how you ever drove around without them before. Make the little things in life more enjoyable by adding in a few cheap accessories. All of these items can be found on Amazon, so bundle them together and save on shipping!

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