Amazing Virtual Field Trips for Kids

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With schools not in session and kids spending a lot of time at home, you may be looking for things to do with them. And, there’s only so many times they can watch the new Trolls movie or play video games. So, what about taking a virtual field trip? 

Right now, there are lots of great virtual field trips available. Some of them can add to your child’s educational experience, while others are just plain fun! Looking for some ideas as to where you can “go”? Here are some great websites to check out!

  • Access Mars: Do you have a child who is fascinated by outer space? Then how about taking a trip to Mars? NASA and Google teamed up to let you explore the surface of Mars and various mission sites based on data collected when the Mars Curiosity Rover landed there in 2011.
  • Yellowstone National Park: Want to explore the great outdoors from the comfort of your couch? Then take your children to Yellowstone National Park. There are seven different tours you can take at the Yellowstone National Park website, including Norris Geyser Basin and Mud Volcano.
  • Farm Food 360: Do your children know where their food comes from? With Farm Food 360, you can take them on 11 different tours that showcase various parts of farming and life on a farm. They can learn about milk and cheese, pigs, and much more.
  • San Diego Zoo Live Cams: What child doesn’t love a trip to the zoo? With the San Diego Zoo Live Cams, you can see what various animals are doing in real-time! Baboons, penguins, and elephants are just a few of the animals that have cameras on them throughout the day.
  • Georgia Aquarium Live Cams: The Georgia Aquarium has nine different webcams going that allow you to check in on a whole bunch of different creatures. Alligators, piranhas, and Beluga whales are amongst the aquatic life you can see. 
  • The Louvre Online Tours: No need to head to Paris to see some of the Louvre’s most prized collections. Currently, the Louvre has four virtual tours to choose from, but you should definitely not miss the Egyptian Antiquities one!
  • Smithsonian Natural History Museum: Are you ready to take a self-guided tour through the Smithsonian Natural History Museum? Then head to their fantastic website! You can tour permanent exhibits, current exhibits, and even past exhibits that have been archived. It takes a little practice to navigate through the rooms, but once you’ve mastered it – you will be on your way!
  • Mount Vernon Virtual Tour: If anyone in your house is a history buff, then the Mount Vernon Virtual Tour is not to be missed. This interactive tour will have you visiting George Washington’s famous home, and you won’t even have to stand in line!
  • The Sky Live: This is the ideal way to explore the stars – even if it’s not dark outside. You can learn about planets, constellations, asteroids, and more – along with playing around with a 3D simulator and checking out their “Night Guide.” (Be sure to change it for your location so you can head out on a clear night and find the various objects in the sky.)
  • Virtual Castles: There are 22 different castles available to explore on this website. And, if you want to explore other things, be sure to click on the tabs. There are lots of other sites available for exploring, too.
  • The Great Wall of China: This tour will have you hiking various sections of the Great Wall of China. It’s really cool to see this wonder without having to take such a long flight to get there!

Have you or your children discovered virtual field trips that allow you to transport yourselves somewhere else without leaving your home? Be sure to share your favorites! And take a look at some of these sites. Hopefully, your kids will find one that interests them!

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