August 7th Is International Beer Day

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If you’re a beer fan, you probably don’t need a special occasion to enjoy a pint. And with all of the different styles of beer available and the increase in the number of breweries across the United States, there’s definitely not a lack of different beers to try. 

But do you do much cooking with beer? If not, you should certainly give it a try! There are so many delicious recipes out there, and August 7th is the perfect day to add a few to your menu. 

Why August 7th? Because August 7th is International Beer Day!

  • German Beer Cheese Spread: Do you know what goes great with an ice-cold beer? Some German Beer Cheese Spread. This spread has some garlic and Worcestershire sauce to kick up the flavors and is great with pretzels, crackers, or spread on some toast points.
  • Baked Beer Can Chicken: Beer Can Chicken is a classic recipe for the grill, but did you know that you can bake it, too? That means you can make it year-round. The seasoning mix adds excellent flavor, and the beer helps to keep the chicken moist and juicy. The whole family will love this recipe!
  • Beer Bread with Cheddar: This is a simple bread that you can throw together – even after a busy day! It has cheddar cheese, bacon, and jalapenos – along with 12 ounces of your favorite beer. It works well with almost any main dish and a big pat of butter on it!
  • Beer Cheese Soup: If you want something creamy and delicious with a hint of garlic and a subtle beer flavor, then you must make this soup. And if you think of soup as only a fall and winter dish – don’t! It’s really good at any time of year! Just turn up the air conditioner and enjoy a bowl now!
  • Wisconsin Beer Brats: Wisconsin is famous for beer, brats, and cheese, and this recipe combines two of those things into a meal that’s perfect for a summer evening. This recipe starts on your stovetop and then finishes on the grill – so pick a nice night and enjoy these outside!
  • Beer and Bacon Baked Beans: Do you need a side dish to go with your brats? Then try these Beer and Bacon Baked Beans! This one packs a whole lot of flavor in with the beer, bacon, and chipotle peppers. A recipe that’s worth the effort for sure!
  • Beer Braised Brisket: Good brisket practically melts in your mouth when prepared correctly. You make this recipe in your oven, and while it takes almost 5 hours to prepare (from start to finish), you will love every tender forkful when it’s finished!
  • Beer Battered Fish: Beer batter and fish are a match made in heaven. You’ll feel like you’re having supper in an English pub when you fry up some cod fillets in this awesome batter. (And go ahead and make some homemade “chips” while you’re at it!)
  • Three-Chile Beef Chili: This chili recipe has stout beer and brewed coffee, which is a fantastic combination. With all of the seasonings, and the use of ground beef and bacon, it’s rich and hearty, and oh, so tasty!
  • Mustard Beer Vinaigrette: Lots of salad dressings use wine or champagne as a base, but this one uses an ale – and it’s excellent. Use it on a spinach or arugula salad, and you’ll probably find yourself going back for a second helping.

When International Beer Day rolls around on August 7th, pick up a six-pack or growler of your favorite beer, and prepare one of these dishes. You’ll love cooking with beer as much as you love drinking it!

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