How to Beat Winter Blues: Post-Holiday Survival Guide

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Those delicious chocolate chip cookies baked by Grandma have all been eaten, and the usual warmth of the fireplace is no longer accented by joyous laughter and garnished with stockings. It’s that time of year again—the holidays are over, and so is the exciting bustle of December.

The next month doesn’t have to be a perpetual internal struggle of deciding between which seasons of Orange is the New Black to binge and reminiscing about being cuddled up on a sleigh ride with your significant other. As it turns out, there is a proven method of avoiding those inevitable winter blues, and we’re going to walk you through it one step at a time.

Girl Playing In The SnowStep 1. Step away from the Netflix.

Yes, we know, you’ve had a long day and everyone has been talking about the new episodes of Fuller House. One more episode won’t hurt. Right? Wrong. Spending even a few hours per day in bed or on the couch mindlessly watching TV and becoming emotionally invested in the fate of eccentric Kimmy Schmidt is not exactly the recipe for a happier new year. Instead, try picking up a book or writing down your thoughts before hitting the sheets. Not only will you feel more refreshed in the morning, but you’ll thank yourself for not staying up that extra hour because you couldn’t end on a cliffhanger.

Step 2. Put down the Christmas cookies.

You don’t need to count your daily caloric intake or make some drastic healthy eating lifestyle change, but let’s face it—we’ve probably all gone a little off the rails since the arrival of candy cane season. There’s nothing wrong with some guilty snacking here and there, but making an effort to snack healthier will make you feel better, too. Bonus: Ditch those familiar sweats and put on the cute yoga pants you’ve been dying all year to have an excuse to wear. Work some light stretching into your morning routine and say goodbye to spending half the day in bed. If nothing else, you’ll have some definite bragging rights to use whenever you want.

Step 3. Call up your BFF.

The ugly sweater parties may be over, but your friends don’t necessarily need an excuse to break out the wine and spill the tea about what happened over last weekend. It’s time for a winter blues intervention. Organize a post-holiday party and invite all those people that were too busy to make plans with around the holidays. The occasion? There isn’t one. Just don’t play any more “Santa Baby” and no one gets hurt.

Step 4. Do some research.

Okay, this one sounds boring, but bear with me. There’s most likely plenty of fun things to do where you live, and sitting around on Facebook stalking your ex-boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend’s brother is not one of them. Pick a weekend and schedule something fun—preferably something that gets you out of the house. Whether you’re picking up a painting hobby that you’ve always wanted to try, playing some indoor tennis, or simply going for a walk in the park with your neighbor’s dog, a little fresh air will help to break up your day and make it a little less melancholy.

Well, there you have it—your personal post-holiday survival guide. That’s all there is to it. You’re ready to take on the dreaded month of January and do it in style. Whether you decide go through these steps alone or with a friend, just know that we’re here for you and we’ll get through it together.

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