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If you love fall raise your hand! You probably love the cooler temperatures and snuggling up in a big cozy sweater. And if you enjoy being all warm and comfortable, you need some warm blankets for your bed.

You might be of the impression that buying a blanket is as simple as heading to the store and grabbing one off the shelves. But there are a few things you should consider. Before you head out shopping, make sure you take a look at these tips!

  • Buy the Correct Size: Just like your bed sheets, blankets come in different sizes. You want to be sure to have a few inches that hang over on each side and at the foot of your bed so you can tuck the blanket in. Of course, if you share a bed with someone who tends to take more than their fair share of the blanket, you may want to size up. Most blankets are sized as:
    • Twin: 90” x 65”
    • Full/Queen: 90” x 85”
    • Queen: 90” x 90”
    • King: 90” x 110”
  • Choose a Fabric That Works for You: Blankets come in all sorts of fabrics. Here are some of the common blanket fabrics you might encounter:
    • Cotton – Probably the most common and most popular. Cotton washes easily and comes in various weights that make them suitable for both the warmer and cooler months.
    • Wool – Is a very warm fabric but usually requires some special care when it comes to cleaning. Additionally, not everyone likes the feel of wool as it can be scratchy and stiff.
    • Down – Like a comforter, a down blanket has a layer of feathers sandwiched between the fabric. They are very warm, but not advised for people with certain allergies.
    • Synthetics – Fabrics such as acrylic, polyester, and microfiber are considered synthetics. These blankets are generally inexpensive.
    • Fleece – These are definitely cozy and warm blankets and very popular nowadays.
    • Vellux – These are considered hypoallergenic blankets and are often called “hotel blankets.” They are very durable and can handle being washed repeatedly.
  • Check the Weave: Sometimes you will see some additional descriptive information on blankets that usually is describing the weave. You may see:
    • Quilted: Usually with down blankets. The quilting helps to keep the feathers from moving around and gathering in one area of the blanket.
    • Thermal: Usually a loose weave that lets air circulate. 
    • Knit: Often used to describe wool blankets. Knit will help keep you warm.
    • Conventional: A tight-knit that will keep you warm.
  • Here are a few different blankets you can check out before you make a purchase:
  • Of course, if a regular blanket is not going to keep you warm enough, you can always go for an electric blanket. Just plug it in, and soon your entire bed will be nice and toasty warm.

What’s your favorite type of blanket for fall and winter? Do you like something that keeps you warm and snug all night? Or, do you prefer something lightweight as you sleep better when it’s a little cooler? No matter what you like, before you head out shopping for a new blanket, be sure you are aware of the different options based on your preferences. 

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