Best Late Night Snacks

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You’ve had dinner, and you’re lounging on the couch after a hard day at work. The dessert munchies hit you, but you don’t want to reach for junk foods. To keep you feeling good all through the night, and keep your body at a healthy weight, choose better snacks to hit those late-night snack cravings.

  1. Dates and Nut Butter: Dates and figs are nature’s candy. Get your sweet tooth fix without succumbing to processed sugars. You can fill a pitted date with any nut butter that you like. Peanut butter is a usual staple, but try different blends like cashew butter, almond butter, or even sunflower butter. These are high in protein and good fats that will keep you satisfied through the night. It’s the perfect sweet and salty combo without the guilt.
  2. Plantain Chips: If you are craving a salty, crunchy snack, then grab a bag of plantain chips. They have that delightful crunch that you are looking for with tons more nutrients than white potatoes. Plantains look like bananas, but are more starchy. As plantains ripen, they get sweeter. Most plantain chips are made when they have a green peel when they taste more like a potato. Look for ones that are made with palm oil, sunflower oil, avocado oil, or coconut oil. These oils are packed with cholesterol-fighting omegas that won’t upset your stomach.
  3. Greek Yogurt Parfait: Have a big dollop of greek yogurt with a oats, nuts, and a drizzle of honey. If you have berries lying around, then toss a few in there as well. It’s a little bit of everything. You get the protein from the yogurt, salty and crunchy from the granola, and sweet from the honey and berries. It’s an easy substitute for ice cream. You won’t even miss it.
  4. Fruit Salad: Toss a mix of cut fruits together in a bowl. Mix together things like grapes, blackberries, strawberries, watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe for a beautifully colorful bowl. Drizzle honey or agave over it and some finely chopped mint leaves. It’s cool, refreshing, and sweet: perfect for a hot summer evening.
  5. Apple Slices and Brie: Find a ripe apple and slice it up to your preferred thickness, and add a thin slice of brie on top. It’s creamy, sweet, and crunchy all at the same time. You’ll savor every bite and feel full by the end of the apple. You won’t feel bloated and dry when you wake up in the morning either.
  6. Veggies and Hummus: Hummus is a mediterranean spread that is made from chickpeas.You can get it flavored in many different styles and flavors, such as red pepper, garlic, olive oil, and even jalapeno. Slice up a bell pepper and dip it in the hummus. The hummus adds the protein and salty flavor, and the veggies will have the high fiber and nice crunch.
  7. Dried Fruits and Dark Chocolate: If your sweet tooth is hitting you hard, then grab a bag of dried fruits, and add in a few dark chocolate pieces. You want to find dark chocolate that is made with cane sugar and has a very high cacao percentage. Sixty percent and above is great. Have a guilt-free, sweet, chocolatey splurge without grabbing a handful of candy.

After finding your new favorite go-to late night snack, you won’t miss your usual junk food cravings. You’ll look forward to the evening craving, and you’ll be happy with what you see on the scale!

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