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The art world has been shrouded in wonder and mystery for centuries. At one time, art was only for the elite who were able to afford outrageous prices and ran in the right circles. The internet has broken down those walls to make art attainable to everyone. Artists want to spread their ideas and creations with as many people as possible, which is why a number of online galleries are exploding on the map! Begin your shopping experience by searching through some of the top online art galleries:

Eye Buy Art: Eye Buy Art is a photography gallery that offers collectors award-winning photographs by rising stars in the art scene. They only represent artists who have been vetted by high profile juries and curatorial advisors to ensure that you are getting the very best artwork.

Saatichi Art: Saatichi Art is the leader in the art world’s online art gallery experience. They connect you with artists from around the world in a range of mediums and styles. There are emerging artists as well as established artists in a wide array of price ranges.

Tappan Collective: Tappan Collective works exclusively with emerging artists in an effort to reinvent the art buying experience. They desire to demystify the art world and make art affordable for everyone. They heavily invest back into their artists and take great care of every client.

Art Star: This quirky spot is located in Philadelphia, and has a strong online presence where you can buy prints and original works. They have a youthful look with a funny twist that will make your inner hipster smile.

@60″: Is a leader for bringing emerging artists to collectors in a wide range of mediums. They have a tight group of curators who hand select the works that are displayed and jury in every piece. You can opt to “Get the Look” in exclusive curated sales. Hands down, @60” brings you the most “Best of the New” in art and design.

U Gallery: U Gallery wants to make it possible for everyone to own original artwork. They have erupted on the online scene and now sell artwork in over 45 countries. They also have collaborations with retail stores to start bringing original work from top emerging artists.

Zatista: You can find everything here, from oil paintings to mixed media. You can narrow your search by price so that you can keep your budget in mind while you shop. You can even request a commission from a specific artist if you like what you see, but want to personalize it.

Artsy: Artsy brings the exclusive artworld to your desktop. You can buy works from renowned artists in both the Modern and Contemporary field. They offer works from recent art fairs and hold online auctions to snap up the latest pieces. There’s a little bit of everything, from sculpture, to film, to paints. The possibilities here are endless.

Society6: Transform your everyday items into pieces of art. You can make a bed comforter, a backpack, or even your iPhone case into a fabulous print of your favorite work of art. You can buy the beautiful prints as is, or you can apply them to pillows or shirts to make them functional pieces of art!

Instead of going with a department store print that hundreds of other people have, you can buy an original piece of work that is as unique as you are. When you buy from one of these locations, you are helping to support a real artist who is working to make the world a more beautiful place.

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