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Now that the weather is nice it’s a great time to get back out there and see some of the great things New Jersey has to offer. New Jersey is home to a bunch of great breweries, more than we could fit into one list. The ones below are a few of the favorites that you definitely make a priority to check out this summer!

Flying Fish

One of the biggest name breweries in New Jersey, Flying Fish Brewing Co. is located in Somerdale. It is actually the biggest craft brewery in the state of New Jersey. There are both video and guided tours of the brewery available for those who wish to see how the beer is made. There is a tasting room with a bar that is a great way to get a night out started that has 15 beers on tap. Tours of the brewery are free, however you pay for beers or beer samples as you go. Flying Fish is famous for their Daylight Savings IPA, Farmhouse Summer Ale, Hopfish IPA, among others. Flying Fish Brewing Co. is a must this summer for anyone interested in beer, or even if you’re not. To see their hours and learn more about their tours visit their website here

River Horse

Opening in 1996, River Horse is one of New Jersey’s oldest craft breweries. Located in nearby Ewing, River Horse is home to some unique and delicious beers. Although River Horse isn’t that widely popular, the bottles and cans are very recognizable due to the Hippo logo. Every River Horse product features a crazy, attention drawing Hippo on it that certainly makes it stand out. Some of their most famous beers are the conveniently named Hippotizing IPA, River Horse IPA, Roly Poly Pils, and the now season Summer Blonde. Tours of River Horse are only available on Saturday and Sunday, unless made by appointment. The tours cost $5 for a walking tour and $6 for the virtual tour, where you have access to all the great beers that River Horse offers. For more information on River Horse Brewery and their tours visit their website here


Spellbound is a small brewery located in nearby Mount Holly, New Jersey. They are most well known for their Spellbound IPA, Spellbound Porter, and their unique Peach IPA. The brewery features a large taproom with rotating beers on tap. They often feature their harder to find beers on tap in their taproom, so it is a great chance to try out some new beers. The tasting room and brewery are only open to the public select hours on Thursday-Sunday, so make sure you check before trying to get a tour. Check their website for hours and upcoming special events

Third State Brewing

Creatively named to recognize the history of New Jersey, Third State Brewing is located in one of Jersey’s most historic towns, Burlington. However, the brewery just recently opened in 2015. Third State has a ton of different beers on tap as well as some that rotate in. They brew beers like Boris the Younger, 352 hIgh-PA (named after their address on High Street), Jersey Town Brown, and their famous Sooo Big double IPA. Like Spellbound, Third State is only open weekends, so make sure you check their site before going. It is only a short walk from some public transportation, so keep that in mind if you want go. Learn more about Third State Brewing and their beers here

The breweries above really are only the start to the brewery scene in New Jersey. Breweries are a great way for anyone over 21 to spend a day with friends or family. To see a full list of New Jersey breweries see here Now it is time to get out there and get to tasting!

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