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Nobody likes to do it. In fact, you might put off doing it as long as possible. But then you take a look around your apartment, and there’s no avoiding it. You need to clean. 

But maybe you could put it off for just a few more minutes and take a look at Facebook or Instagram. As you scroll through your social media, you probably see all sorts of “life hacks.” You know the ones that are supposed to make your life infinitely easier. While some of them may seem silly and like a waste of your time and energy, some of them are pretty good.

And there are some cleaning hacks that can help you. Here are a few you might try the next time you need to do some cleaning around your place.

  • Hacks to Clean Your Garbage Disposal: If you’ve ever walked into your kitchen and smelled something that’s just “not quite right” – it may be coming from your garbage disposal. It’s an often overlooked area when it comes to cleaning. But don’t neglect it, instead try these:
    • Drop a large glass of ice cubes and about ½ cup of coarse kosher salt down your disposal. And then let the garbage disposal run. This will help break up any residue that may be causing a foul smell.
    • Cut up any citrus fruit (lime, orange, lemon, grapefruit) and drop it down your disposal and run it. The peels dislodge residue, and the citrus oils leave behind a fresh scent.
  • Hacks to Clean Your Oven: Raise your hand if you’ve had a lasagna bubble over and create a mess in your oven. It happens. And then your oven is messy and continues to smell of burnt food. But cleaning it doesn’t have to be a big deal – just try this:
    • Make a paste of baking soda (1 cup), water (½ cup), and vinegar (2 tablespoons) and then dab it over the places in the oven that need help. Then turn your oven on to about 200 degrees Fahrenheit and let it go for about 45 minutes. Once the oven has cooled slightly, wipe away with a damp sponge. 
  • Hacks to Clean Your Microwave: Stuff probably spills in your microwave all the time. And if you don’t clean it up right away, it can become a real mess in there. Here is a hack to help:
    • Fill a bowl with water and a lemon that you’ve cut into chunks. Turn on the microwave for 3-5 minutes and let the water come to a boil. Then let the steam fill the microwave. After a couple of minutes, wipe it clean with a dry cloth.
  • Hacks to Clean Your Shower/Bathroom: If your shower or bathroom needs a good cleaning, there are a few things you might try:
    • For easy cleaning on a daily basis, fill a spray bottle with 1 cup of Dawn dishwashing liquid (the blue kind) and 1 cup of white vinegar. Shake and spray down your shower after each use. There’s no need to scrub.
    • If your showerhead has hard water deposits on it, fill a baggy with vinegar and secure it over the showerhead using a rubber band. Let it sit for about an hour and then remove it. The mineral deposits should be gone.
    • Hard water stains around your faucet and handles can be removed by rubbing the areas with half of a lemon.

Don’t let cleaning your apartment be a chore you put off. Use these hacks to make it easier, so that your home is sparkling clean!

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