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Did you make a promise to yourself that 2021 was going to be the year you get organized? Have you made it happen yet? No?

It’s okay! It’s not too late! You still have plenty of time left in 2021 to accomplish this goal. 

But it’s going to take some work!

If you’re ready to give it a go – here are some tips – starting with A and ending with Z – that might help!

  • Assign: Take a look around your place. Do you have a lot of things scattered around? Maybe not even in the right room? Then it’s time to assign your things – at a minimum – to a room. But if you can, think about specific places where you would actually like to see your things go. It will make the organization process much easier.
  • Boxes: When it comes to sorting things, especially if you’re using the  “Keep, Donate, Trash” system, then it’s handy to have some boxes that will make this simpler. It’s also good to have boxes around for seasonal things that can be stored and pulled out only when needed.
  • Clear the Clutter: Have your countertops, kitchen table, coffee table – and who knows what else – all been overtaken by miscellaneous items that don’t belong there? Then it’s time to clear the clutter. 
  • Drawers: When was the last time you sorted through the drawers in your home – especially your sock and underwear drawer – which just seem to get fuller by the day? Dedicate some time to organizing your drawers – and throw away those holey socks!
  • Entryway: Your entryway can quickly become cluttered as it’s often the place where you drop your shoes, backpacks, keys, and whatever else you’ve been carrying around for the day. Get creative with this space and design an entryway that’s functional and clutter-free.
  • File: Do you have a stack of papers a mile high? Then it’s time to file away the important ones, shred the ones not needed, and recycle anything that you don’t want and doesn’t contain personal information.
  • Give Away: Your home only has a finite amount of space, and if you have collected more than your fair share of things, it might be time to give some things away. Think about what you truly need and start the process of paring down. You might even learn that minimalism is your thing!
  • Hang It Up: Do you have clothes everywhere? On the floor? On your bed? In the washing machine and dryer? Make it a point to hang them up (or put them in drawers) immediately. Establishing good habits is a part of staying organized.
  • Important: It’s time to keep only the things that are truly important to you! Ask yourself, “Is this important to me?” as you go through things – especially things that have been stored away.
  • Junk Drawer: Everyone has one! Take the time to get it under control (a silverware caddy can be really useful) so that it’s a functioning drawer – where you can actually find things.
  • K.I.S.S.: Make sure whatever you set up for organizing things adheres to K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid) – so that you’ll stick with it.
  • Labels: If you’ll be storing things away, make sure you label the boxes and containers, so you know what’s inside.
  • Maintain: Work hard to maintain your organization. Maintenance is the key to success.
  • No: Sometimes you just need to say, “No.” Your kids probably don’t need new toys, and you don’t need new shoes. Practice the art of saying no.
  • Organize: There are lots of different ways to organize – so find what works for you.
  • Purge: Yes, get rid of things that are broken, damaged, and unrepairable. Purging is part of the process.
  • Quick: Keep it quick. Spend 10-15 minutes organizing a space and then stop. You don’t want it to become a dreaded chore.
  • Risers: In your pantry or frig, you may have deep shelves that make it hard to see things in the back. Get risers to put things on so you know what you have.
  • Storage: Storage is crucial – especially in children’s rooms. Think about getting baskets that they can easily put things into.
  • Tipping Point: Remember what the tipping point was that made you decide you needed to get things organized – and don’t let it get to that point again!
  • Under the Sink: Under the sinks in your home (bathrooms and kitchen) are notorious places for a mess. Spend some time making them functional.
  • Vertical: If you’re running out of storage – go vertical. Can you go higher? Can you add hooks or shelves above that will give you more space?
  • Wait: Before making any more purchases – wait. Wait 72 hours for small purchases and even longer for big-ticket items.
  • Xamen (Examine): Examine everything – including your budget. You don’t want your need for organization to cost you big money.
  • Year: If you haven’t used it in a year, do you really need it?
    Ziploc Bags: Ziploc bags are great for storing small things – and you can write on them with a Sharpie.

Now’s the time to get organized! Use this A to Z guide to help you and tackle your home one room at a time!

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