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Women need their friends. They need to talk to them. They need to spend time with them. They need to confide in them. And, often, spending time with girlfriends means planning a GNO – Girls’ Night Out. But a GNO isn’t the only way to go. You could also plan a GNI – Girls’ Night In – and here are some great ideas.

Movie Night

friendsWho doesn’t love to get together with friends and watch some movies? Plan a movie night with your girlfriends, but perhaps pick a theme. Maybe you could watch all John Hughes movies or Nicholas Sparks movies. Of course, you need fun food and drinks. Check out these “grownup junk foods” and cocktails!

Cook Together

Another great idea for a GNI is to cook together. You could all prepare dishes related to one specific type of cuisine. You could bring in a chef to show you how to prepare a new meal. You could even have one member of your friend group show you how to prepare her signature dish. Cooking together is a great way to spend some quality time together and makes it easy to have conversations.

Pinterest Night

Is everyone in your group a fan of Pinterest projects? Do you all have boards full of projects you’ve never made? Then a Pinterest Night could be the answer. Pick a project that you can all do together or have a couple of friends bring the materials for smaller projects and let them act as the “instructors” for your GNI. Next month you can choose new “instructors” and complete new projects. Need a project idea? This DIY Dry Erase Menu Board is easy!

Game Night

Game Night can be a great way to spend an evening. You can play board games, download Jackbox Games, or play games such as Pokeno or Bunco. 

Spa Night

If you all need a little pampering, a spa night is perfect. You can pick up some nail polishes and facial masks and have a relaxing night doing some spa treatments at home. You could also call in a masseuse to do ½ hour massages – making it an extra special GNI.

Clothing Exchange Night

Clean out those closets and have a clothing exchange night. Everyone brings over items they no longer want or use (you don’t have to limit it to clothes), and you get to choose new things from what your friends have brought. What does not end up being chosen can be donated to your local homeless shelter or thrift store.


When is the last time you had a good, old fashioned sleepover? It’s probably been a while – so why not plan one with your girlfriends? Pajamas, junk food, and staying up late are fun at any age!

Book Club

Book clubs can be great when you have your friends in the group. And they are the perfect reason to have a GNI. Grab some wine and discuss that bestseller that you all read. Or, try a different format where you all share information on the books each of you are currently reading. No need for lengthy discussions – and maybe you’ll get some ideas for your next book to read.

Yoga Night

Yoga is a great way to stay active and clear the mind – so a yoga night at someone’s home might interest your friends. Lots of times a yoga instructor will come to your home and do a class – and then you can relax with some wine and conversation when you’re done.

Has this sparked some ideas for your next girls’ night in? Text your friends and tell them to mark their calendars because you’ve come up with a plan for the next get-together!

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