How To Curb Those Late Night Snack Cravings

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You’ve started a new diet and things are going great – up until nighttime. Once the sun sets, you can’t seem to get your eating under control. It’s hard to lose weight and stick to a diet if you can’t avoid those late night cravings. Curb them with these tips.

how to curb those late night snack cravings1. Eat More During the Day: If you are hungry at night, odds are that you aren’t eating enough during the day. When you are in a calorie deficit, then your body will let you know by giving you cravings for food. It’s asking for you to give it the resources it needs. You don’t need to restrict your calorie intake, but you should eat plenty of good foods by reducing the amount of sugar you eat. The more sugar you take in, the more you’ll crave it. When you hit a sugar low, your body will start craving more. By eating good foods, you balance out the highs and lows, making cravings more manageable.

2. Go To Bed Earlier: The later you stay up, the more time you’ll have to eat. By going to bed at a decent hour, you’ll stop yourself from overeating. Typically, late night snacking is full of easy to find junk food. Stop yourself from overindulging by not giving yourself the opportunity to be tempted. Go to bed before you have those irresistible urges.

3. Determine If You’re Really Hungry: Ask yourself if you’re actually hungry. There are times when stress can play tricks on us making us crave foods that we’re not really hungry for. Stress can make us want to eat and give us cravings for poor food choices. There are other times where we eat out of boredom or out of habit. Break the cycle by forming new habits, and filling your time with other hobbies.

4. Better Food Options: Most late night snacks are things like ice cream, chocolate, popcorn, chips, and other treats. Food can give us joy, but we shouldn’t use it as a comforting source of pleasure. Recognize what you’re eating and why. If you truly are hungry, here are a few good food options to snack on instead of the junk.

  1. Drink Tea: You may have heard that if you’re hungry, odds are you’re most likely thirsty. See if a cup of tea will curb that appetite. Add a touch of honey and a squeeze of lemon so that you enjoy it. It’s also a great way to stay warm during the cold months.
  2. Handful of Nuts or Nut Butters: Get a bit of protein and good fats in by having some nuts. Any nut is a good source of protein. Try a spoonful of cashew butter, or grab a handful of mixed nuts to get in a salty crunch.
  3. Fruit: Even though it’s sugar, it’s a better option than chocolates. If your sweet tooth is acting up, snack on some fruit to appease that sugar craving.

It can be easy to eat well for meals, but snacking can be hard. Look up healthy snacks and have some things on hand that you like. Determine why you are hungry, change your habits, and snack on good things when you feel those cravings come on.

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