Interesting Facts about Mount Holly, NJ

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The surrounding Mount Holly area is one of the most historic parts of the region. The town is very small, with right around 10,000 residents, but makes up for it with it’s rich history. There is so much history in Mount Holly it is easy to walk right by and not even realize what you are looking at. Below are the main historic attractions in Mount Holly, NJ.

Mount Holly was first Colonial History and European settlements

It is marked as the first settlement of Europeans in America formed in 1677 by acquiring land from the Native Americans. A dam was constructed on Rancocas Creek generating power for saw and grist mill. A hand dug mill was constructed by Edward Gaskill and his son in second decade of 1700 attracting many settlers with 250 dwellings. There are no mills today but the mill land is still conserved as Mill Dam Park.

Legacy Battle of Iron Works Hill is reenacted annually

It is also commonly known as Battle of Mount Holy and took place during American War of Independence which lasted from December 22–23 1776, resulting in tactical victory of Britain and strategic victory of Americans. It was fought between 600 American militants and 2000 Hessian and English troops. The hill was then occupied by US commander Samuel Griffin, now located at Iron Works Park and the legacy is reenacted here every year – an amazing thing to experience.

First Presbyterian Church was a Renaissances’ congregational space

Traces of Renaissance are still alive in Mount Holly and are reflected through First Presbyterian Church. It was a congregational space for the locals founded in 1839 but congregation occurred 70 years ago from the official founding. It was expanded in 1845 including office, classroom and gymnasium spaces.

Burlington County Prison was a rehab and is now haunted

It was a prison operated from 1811 through 1965 and was designed to provide rehabilitation psychological well-being to prisoners by renowned architect Robert Mills. It was known as one of the oldest operational prisons of US in 1965. It has been now converted into a museum operated by Prison Museum Association – an NPO. This prison has a legend – they say that it is haunted by a tall male dressed in a uniform and the third floor has reported paranormal activities. Exciting – Isn’t it?

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