Is Adoption Right For Me?

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It goes without saying that kids add so much life to a family. Any reason for wanting to adopt is the right reason. Children need to be loved, and there is nothing better than seeing their bright and smiley faces in the morning. The decision shouldn’t be made lightly. There are many things to consider before you make the plunge.

  1.     Are you ready?
  2.     Ask yourself if you are ready to be a parent. Of course, there are things in life that we are never completely ready for, but make sure you are in the right place emotionally and financially.
  3.     Build a support system. Whether it’s your own family, or friends who are near and dear to you, there will be times when you’ll need to lean on them for extra help. Also, join a support group of other adoptive parents who can help you through this journey.
  4.      Reconcile with any infertility issues, which includes grieving your own loss. Emotions can be tricky, and expect to go through different phases even after adoption.
  5.     If you already have children, sit down and include them in this conversation. The parents aren’t the only ones who are affected by this decision—this is a whole family transition. Their little hearts will go through many emotions too during the entire process. They’ll be excited, jealous, and everything in between. Have patience as everyone adjusts to the new addition.
  6.     Where do you start?
  7.     Consider what age would fit best into your family. There is typically a higher desire to adopt an infant, but there’s a greater need for toddler and young children.
  8.     There are a number of children who are special needs that are in desperate need of a home. Consider the challenges that this could bring, but also the great joy that this young child can bring to you and your family.
  9.      Learn about parenting a child outside of your race if you are considering an interracial adoption.
  10.     Visit different local adoption agencies to see which one you would like to work with. Here are the 3 near Haddon Township, NJ:
  11.                                                Adoption Services, Inc: (888) 943-0400
  12.                                               Adoptions From The Heart

                                           iii. Adoption ARC

  1.     Domestic or International Adoption
  2.     There are pros and cons to each option. Domestic adoptions are typically less expensive because you eliminate travel expenses, but you will typically never receive a child that is an infant.
  3.     Consider becoming a foster parent first. After you are a foster parent for a time, you can adopt giving that special child a forever-home.
  4.     Financial Planning
  5.     The cost of the adoption process is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome. The cost can vary depending on the type of adoption and corresponding fees. The heavy costs come from lawyer and agency fees, travel costs, and birth family needs.
  6.     Then the typical cost of adding another person to the family. From furniture to clothes, and toys and school, kids can weight on the wallet. This doesn’t mean it can’t be done. It will take a little more planning and maybe a few more night of peanut butter and jelly instead of ordering out. The sacrifice is well worth it. Ramen never tasted as good as it does with your new little one.

No matter the gender, age, or race of the little one, your heart will be overflowing with joy and love. Every child deserves to have a loving home. Being a parent isn’t always easy, but it is the most rewarding experience. Adoption is a wonderful thing.

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