Stay Safe this Halloween/Safety Tips for Moms/kids

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It’s one of the best nights of the year! Halloween is magical for kids and the air is full of excitement. It can be difficult to slow down when everyone is ready to go, but a few safety tips will make your night even better.

Walk Safe

  1.     Only cross the street at corners with the proper traffic signals and crosswalks. It is tempting to run over to the house across the street, but you need to be aware of the traffic. Motorists aren’t expecting you in the middle of the road. It’s best to take a little more time, and cross the street where drivers know pedestrians are. Even when pedestrians have the right of way, keep your eyes peeled for cars not paying attention.
  2.     Put down electronic devices and pay attention to where you are going. Don’t blindly follow the footpath. You may wind up somewhere unsafe, or at the very least, you could trip over broken sidewalk. Pick your head up, and stay alert of the cars and people around you. If you need to update your Facebook status to show off your awesome costume, then pause for a moment until you can put your phone away.
  3.     Walk, don’t run. It’s an exciting night! You’re getting tons and tons of FREE candy, and you want to get the most candy ever. Don’t let your night get cut short because of an accident. Running seems like a great idea, until you trip and get all banged up. Don’t worry, the candy will still be there. Take your time and walk.
  4.     Stay in groups. There is safety in numbers. Not everyone who is out on Halloween is there for fun. Bad guys usually look for soft targets to take advantage of. Grabbing one person is easier than overtaking a large group. Keep your eyes up and make sure to pay attention to everyone walking around you to spot potential dangers.
  5.     Walk on sidewalks. Drivers are distracted on Halloween night. They are looking at decorations on the homes, and all of the fun costumes they pass by. Don’t take a chance by walking in the road. Stay on the safe sidewalks to go between homes. If there are no sidewalks, then walk facing the traffic as far to the left as possible.

Costume Safety

  1.     Decorate costumes with reflective tape. You want to make sure that people can see you. If possible, choose light colored costumes. You can find this tape in any home improvement store.
  2.     Opt for face paint instead of masks. Masks can obstruct a child’s vision. If the costume isn’t the same without the mask, then only put it on when you’re at the door or for photos. Let them take it off while they walk and play games to prevent tripping.
  3.     Have each child carry a flashlight or a glow stick so they can see and be seen by drivers. Don’t rely on street lamps to provide enough light for your little goblins. Give the older kids flashlights to lead the way, and younger ones can hold (or wear) glow sticks to make sure motorists see them.
  4.     Make sure the costume fits well to prevent tripping and falling. It’s tempting to buy a larger sized costume because you want to be able to use it in the following years. It’s best to spend a little extra and get the perfect size for your princess right now. Long gowns or droopy pants will get tangled up in their little feet making for a difficult night. You don’t want the fun to be ruined with tripping and falling.

Parents want to give their kids the best night out trick-or-treating. Make sure that they have an excellent time, and that you have peace of mind while they are out by sticking to these easy safety tips. Even if you aren’t trick or treating, remember to slow down and be extra cautious of all the little warlocks out and about. Happy Halloween!

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