Summer Crafts for Kids

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School’s out! And that means it’s time to make sure your kids have plenty to do so you’re not always hearing, “I’m bored.” 

Schedules can go a long way to help you reduce hearing those dreaded words. You can schedule time for chores, snacks, reading, quiet time, and more! 

One thing you may want to add to the list is…craft time! 

Crafting is great for letting the kids get creative, and it’s perfect for those days when it’s not-so-sunny, and they can’t head outdoors. (You can also take crafting outside when you do have a sunny day! No need to stay inside!)

Here are some crafts you can plan for this summer – so you’re prepared when you need an activity.

  • Tin Can Wind Chime: Start saving those tin cans (and ask your friends and family to save, also) so that the kids can make tin can wind chimes. They will have fun decorating them and putting their own personal touch on this project. And then you can hang them on your patio or balcony – or even in your child’s room.
  • Pool Noodle Fishing Game: How about a craft that then turns into a game the kids can play? It’s a 2-for-1! This Pool Noodle Fishing Game will have everyone creating cute little fish (with googly eyes), and then they’ll have hours of fun “catching” their newly made fish. (FYI – Most dollar stores have pool noodles available during the summer months – so check there if you don’t have one!)
  • Tie-Dye Pillowcase: Kids love a project that they’re going to get to use, and this Tie-Dye Pillowcase is one such project. Yes, the dye can get a bit messy, but gloves will help, and kids will love twisting those rubber bands to create cool patterns.
  • Fridge Critters: Do you have children who are obsessed with animals? If yes, this craft project will be right up their alley. You have the instructions to create five different critters using clothespins – and they’ll look so cute on the fridge!
  • Painted Washer Necklace: This is a cute craft if you have kids who want to make something for their friends. You can buy a large package of washers on Amazon, and then your children can spend hours decorating them with acrylic craft paint (or nail polish). You can use a single washer or layer together different sizes to create some beautiful necklaces.
  • Pasta Necklace: If you have small children who want to create a project that they can wear, then Pasta Necklaces are the answer. They’ll love stringing together the pasta, and it’s sure to bring out their inner designer!
  • Homemade Kaleidoscope: Did you have a kaleidoscope as a child? And did you just love it? All of those interesting patterns that it would create as you twisted it were just the best. This project allows your child to make their very own – and it’s a cool science lesson, too.
  • Sock Puppets: Let the kids make these Sock Puppets, and then give them time to create a little show for you. You can even record their show to send to family far away!
  • Paper Plate Frisbee: Do you have some paper plates, markers, and packing tape? Then you’ve got everything you need to make a frisbee! And this is another project that the kids can play with when they’re done making it.
  • Scented Rainbow Bubbles: How about making some bubbles that smell awesome? These bubbles are scented with essential oils, and the kids can have fun playing with the scents and colors.

This summer, when you have a schedule in place and some fun activities planned – like these crafts – you’ll, hopefully, avoid hearing, “I’m bored.” 

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