Survival Tips for Emergency Situations

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Emergencies happen when you least expect it, and you may one day find yourself in a situation where survival resources are needed to survive the odds. Humans are very resilient, but we are also very fragile when it comes to a few needs. There are three basic needs that we have to have covered in order to guarantee survival. Those are:

  1. survival tips for emergency situationsWater: Water is the most critical thing that you’ll need in an emergency situation. Humans not only need it to drink, but for cooking, hygiene, and other multipurposes. You’ll need a reliable source of clean water in an emergency. Have two weeks worth of water stored at the house, and have three days worth of water in the car for evacuations. The best method is to have a portable water purifier with you to have endless supplies of clean water. You can purchase one that can remove dirt, bacteria, and more, making it the best thing to have in an emergency.
  2. Food: Food is definitely critical, but not as important as water. Humans can live several days without food, but we can only survive a short time without water. To keep your strength up and mind sharp, have a stockpile of food in the house in case of an emergency. You’ll want things that have a long shelf life, and don’t need much to be prepared. Peanut butter, jellies, nuts, and canned vegetables are good place to start. Keep an eye on the expiration date, and replace things as they age. Keep some granola bars or other easy access things in the car for the emergency evacuation situation.
  3. Shelter: The other things that humans need to survive is shelter. We need a place to sleep safely to refuel and recharge for the next day. A car will suffice for a time, but what if you aren’t near any vehicles? You can take cover in a natural hideaway, or in a man-made structure. A cave or a tree covering is a natural shelter spot that will protect you from the outside elements. Finding an abandoned building to take cover in would offer more comfort, but you may not have that option. You can also make a shelter with branches, vines, and leaves. Warmth: You need shelter to keep out the elements. A place to keep out the cold during the winter months, or to keep the sun off of you during the summer days. Exposure will leave us weak and helpless. Safety: Shelter also provides security for us to rest. Predators and enemies won’t be able to easily get to us if we are covered.
  4. Contacting Others: After you have the survival basics for making it through the night, then you’ll need to start thinking about how to get help. Humans live in groups, and we need each other for help and support. Reach out to find aid and assistance. Create messages that are visible to others with fire, spelling out S.O.S. with sand or rocks, and attempting to reach areas with a trusted police force. Keep in mind that not everyone you come into contact with will be friendly. Don’t trust everyone that you meet.

You never know if the emergency will strike while you are at home, or if you are outside. Do you best to be prepared for everything, and keep your wits about you. Remaining calm in a stressful situation will help you preserve and give you the tools to find the help you need.

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