Top 8 Trusted Charities to Give To

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Christmas time is the most giving time of the year. It’s the time that people like to donate to local and national charities. Our hearts are ready to give back to those in need. If you plan on donating this year, keep in mind that not all charities are the same. Some promise to use your dollars for good, when in reality they may go to support exorbitant salaries and luxurious office buildings, with a small fraction going to the actual cause. Be confident that your hard earned money is going to the direct need that you intended it to help.

Animal Donations

  1. PetSmart Charities: If you’ve visited PetSmart before, you may have noticed their charitable actions all around the store. They take in pets to make them available to rehome, give animals meals, medical care, and love while they wait on their forever home. If you have a heart for animals, you can trust that when you donate to PetSmart your money is going to actively help animals in need.
  2. Wildlife Conservation Society: Housepets aren’t the only ones that need help. We need to protect the wildlife that keep our ecosystems in balance, too. Support research and keep endangered species thriving by giving to the WCS.
  3. Animal Welfare Institute: This organization’s goal is to help alleviate all animals that suffer pain due to human interference. Some are abused, and others suffer from pollution in their natural habitat. While humans have negatively impacted animals, AWI aims to combat this and stop their suffering.

Cancer Donations

  1. Breast Cancer Research Foundation: You may have heard that other breast cancer foundations don’t use their funds appropriately. Even though this foundation doesn’t have as much press, they can proudly say that they are using their resources responsibly to use a majority of their raised funds directly for cancer patients and research.
  2. Leukemia & Lymphoma Society: Cancer is a horrible and devastating disease that has affected all of us at some level. Each cancer is uniquely different in how it acts, which is why we need different research programs for the different types. The L&LS takes care of its patients and works hard to find a viable cure.

Humane Donations

  1. Doctors Without Borders: Disease doesn’t adhere to our man-made borders and countries. There is hurt and need everywhere, and DWB sends highly educated people out into the field to make dramatic impacts in some of the most disease-ridden areas. They use their funds for medical supplies and housing needs for the doctors.
  2. Africare: Africa is desipartely hurting from poverty, war, and famine. This charity aims to help ease the suffering of those people in Africa by supplying them with basic human necessities like running water. They work together with the people of Africa to build a sustainable community that can thrive.
  3. National Alliance to End Homelessness: No matter what city you travel to, you’ll find homelessness. It’s a widespread crisis, and this organization uses its resources to provide care for those individuals. They provide the homeless with shelter, food, clothes, and resources to gain consistent employment.

It’s not easy knowing exactly who to trust with your money. Simply because an organization is labeled a charity, it doesn’t mean that they are using their money effectively to battle the cause they stand for. Before you give this season, check Charity Watch to see if your chosen charity made it to their approved list.

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