Try Something New for 30 Days

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Are you stuck in a rut? Maybe a smidge jealous of your friend who is always up for trying something new or looking for her next adventure? Has life become a little predictable with the same routine day after day?

Then it’s time to change things up! It’s time to try something new! In fact, it’s time to try a whole bunch of new things! 

Challenge yourself to spend the next 30 days doing something new each and every day! And here are 30 days of ideas – in case you get stuck!

  • Day 1: Try a vegan recipe today. 
  • Day 2: Engage in a new form of exercise today. 
    • Always do yoga? Try going for a bike ride. If cardio is your go-to, then why not pick up some weights?
  • Day 3: Drink more water today. 
    • If you’ve gotten out of the habit of drinking water, today is the day to bring it back. 
  • Day 4: Start a vacation savings account. 
    • If you’re dreaming of some time away – maybe someplace exotic – then start saving for it!
  • Day 5: Speak with three new people today. 
    • A simple hello to a stranger counts!
  • Day 6: Get up 15 minutes early today. 
    • Use the time to prepare for your day or read – or whatever you like!
  • Day 7: Find a new hobby. 
    • Whatever it may be – from knitting to gaming to geocaching – just give a new hobby a whirl!
  • Day 8: Learn to meditate. 
    • There are apps that can help
  • Day 9: Spend the day smiling more. 
    • Smiling is contagious – so you just might make it a better day for everyone. 
  • Day 10: Create a mantra or affirmation for yourself. 
    • Use it as a means to pick yourself up when you experience a setback.
  • Day 11: Spend the entire day WITHOUT social media. 
    • Yes, delete those apps for the day and see how much time you get back in your day.
  • Day 12: Declutter one area in your home that you’ve been putting off. 
    • Whether it’s a closet or the junk drawer – get that clutter under control.
  • Day 13: Eat at a new restaurant. 
    • Is there someplace you’ve been wanting to try? Today’s the day!
  • Day 14: Create a budget. 
    • You’ve probably thought about doing this, but have you done it yet?
  • Day 15: Learn a foreign language.
    • Even a few basic phrases can go a long way to help you establish a connection with someone. 
  • Day 16: Start a gratitude journal. 
    • It’s a great way to see the big and small things you are thankful for!
  • Day 17: Have a game night. 
    • Grab a board game and gather family or friends around the table to play a game and share some laughs.
  • Day 18: Explore someplace new. 
    • You don’t have to travel far – just find someplace new to explore. A park, museum, or hiking trail are all great options.
  • Day 19: Volunteer. 
    • Find an organization that could use some help and give of your time or talents.
  • Day 20: Go the entire day without complaining. 
  • Day 21: Read a book. 
    • Whether you like fiction or a good autobiography, carve out some time to read.
  • Day 22: Go see live music. 
  • Day 23: Get a massage. 
    • A little pampering is good for everyone!
  • Day 24: Rearrange the furniture in one room in your apartment. 
    • You might be surprised by how much you like it!
  • Day 25: Send a friend or family member a letter letting them know how much they’re appreciated.
  • Day 26: Buy lunch for a stranger.
  • Day 27: Don’t watch television today. 
    • Keep it turned off for 24 hours. 
  • Day 28: Watch a classic movie this evening. 
  • Day 29: Head to bed 30 minutes earlier than normal and listen to a sleep meditation.
  • Day 30: Attend a community event. 
    • It can be anything from a festival to a play to a high school athletic event.

Trying something new can open the door to other new experiences! Use these 30 ideas to get you started! 

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