Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas 2019

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The old anniversary gifts of tradition can go by the wayside. You don’t have to feel restricted to getting specific gifts just because of the number of years married. Get your partner something that they’ll actually want and use. Here are the best wedding anniversary gift ideas for 2019:

  1. Anniversary gift ideasCustomized Gold Bar Necklace: Give a unique gift that can be worn with any outfit year after year. It’s a subtle, yet gorgeous gift that can speak volumes about your relationship. Add an etching of your wedding date, your combined initials, or a meaningful name. Give your love a piece of jewelry that she can dress up or dress down. It’s a timeless add of sparkle that can be worn with other pieces of jewelry.
  2. Framed Wedding Vows: Your vows are a beautiful expression of words that you’ve given to each other. It’s something that needs to be read and seen often to remind each other of the love that you share. Have your wedding vows framed in a beautiful setting to be hung in a prominent place in your house. You’ll enjoy taking time to read this every morning as you get ready for the day.
  3. Personalized Tie Clip: If your sweetheart wears a tie clip to work, then this little accessory is a great way to add a loving touch to his outfit. It’s a simple way to continuously remind him that you are his. He’ll wear the clip close to his heart every day and think of you when he gets dressed every morning.
  4. Homebrew Beer Making Kit: This is perfect for the couple who enjoy a good drink together. It takes enjoying a good brew to the next level. You can become part of the process to learn exactly how beers are crafted and what it takes to make a tasty beer. You’ll appreciate every beer that you drink after trying your hand at crafting your home brew. You may discover that you have a favorite new hobby!
  5. Monthly Flower Delivery: Let’s face it–life is busy. You start off your relationship with sweet little gifts like flowers, but after a while, it becomes something of the past. Pick up where you left off by having flowers sent to her every month with a delivery service. It’s something beautiful that she can leave on the kitchen table or on the desk at work to appreciate your thoughtfulness. It’ll bring her joy all year round.
  6. FitBit Flex 2: For the lady who is health conscious, this fashionable fitbit is perfect for every outfit. It’s hard to find the perfect accessory that works with work attire, as well as being functional. This will help her keep track of her activity throughout the day, track her sleep, and give gentle reminders to keep moving and wake up.

If all else fails, then do something to take you back to when you first starting dating. Go to your first date spot, reenact your proposal, and remind each other of the love that you share. Whatever the gift, give it from the heart, and it’ll sure to be a win.

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