What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

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Our personality shines through in many different ways. It’s apparent in the jobs that we have, the hobbies that we take up, and even the type of handwriting we have. Psychologist have started studying what different styles of handwriting can mean about a person. Write a sample sentence on a piece of paper, and see where you fall!


  • Large: If you write in large letters, then you are looking to communicate well with others. You are generally a people person who is desiring to be understood and seen.
  • Small: Writing in small letters shows that you are capable of deep focus and concentration. It can also reflect that you are an introvert at heart.


  • None: If you have perfectly up and down lettering, then psychology suggests that you are person who is very pragmatic and enjoys logic. You are deliberate in your actions and are a solid confidant.
  • Right Leaning: You are generally a person who is very heartfelt. You are sentimental, friendly, and can be impulsive. People are more important to you than things. Family and friends are at the center of your heart.
  • Left Leaning: You are someone who enjoys working. You aren’t the social butterfly, and enjoy solitude. You can be very introspective about your actions and thoughts. You’ll be reserved in words and actions. Your thoughts are generally “me-oriented”.


  • Little Spacing: If your words are jumbled together without much space on a page, it’s safe to say that you aren’t great at time management. You move quickly in the moment with little forethought of the future.
  • Spread Out: Having even spacing among your letters and words shows that you appreciate boundaries. You want things to have their own space so that they can be easily understood.


  • Not Connected: Each letter is given its own deliberate beginning and end. You are logical and methodical in your processes. You consider things deeply and weigh your decisions heavily before choosing an option.
  • Connected: You are intuitive and are in tune with your emotions. You can see others and their motives. You’re intelligent and see your role in people’s lives. You’re able to see implications of your actions, and be helpful with advice to others.


  • Heavy Pressure: You’re passionate and feel emotions strongly. You have a big heart and feel the weight of things intensely. From your fiery spirit, you can react quickly to the intense emotions that you have.
  • Light Pressure: You are less attached to emotional ties. You are able to move place to place without heavy emotional strain. You are comfortable wherever you go. You reserve emotions for big decisions.

You can tell a lot about someone by the way that they communicate with others, whether it be through spoken or written word. Some companies are now using handwriting tests to see if you’d be a good fit for specific types of jobs within the company. We need all personality types to make our world function.

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