Best Parks Near Haddon, NJ

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Haddon, NJ is close to several natural bodies of water with beautiful surrounding parks. The parks and recreation centers have done a great job in preserving the natural beauty of the county, and they want to share it with everyone. The entire family will love being outside going on a nature walk and seeing all of the wildlife. Here are the best parks near Haddon, NJ:

  1. Haddon Lake Park: Next to the lake is a beautiful spot to go for a run, take a walk, or have a picnic near the water. It’s always a little bit cooler next to water. There’s so much to do with this park area. It spans over the length of the entire lake and the surrounding areas. You can find a softball field, two different playgrounds for the kids, a 1.6 mile-long cross country trail, and even an outdoor amphitheater. Bring a boat and go fishing on the lake, or pack a swimsuit and jump in to cool off. You’ll be able to spot lots of wildlife in the area, which makes it fun for the kids. There’s plenty of trees around to provide lots of coverage and shade while you are enjoying outdoors.
  2. Newton Lake Park: You can find the Newton Lake at this location. The park circles the entire lake area, giving you a natural view of nature. There’s not as many man-made structures at this location which is perfect for people looking to enjoy the wildlife. There is a longer 2.43 mile-long bike path that circles the lake. Take in the beautiful sites while you bike, walk, or run on this well kept pathway. Stop for a break at the Matrimony Garden, and pack a lunch to eat at one of the three picnic sites.
  3. Pennypacker Park: Do you have a little paleontologist who loves everything having to do with dinosaurs? Then this park is going to be a big treat! Right here in Haddonfield was where the first major dinosaur excavation happened in the Civil War era. William Foulke discovered the world’s first almost complete dinosaur skeleton deep in the woods in Pennypacker Park. Take a causal walk through the trees on a dirt path to the plaque to commemorate Foulke’s discovery. Keep your eyes peeled for fossils along the way.
  4. Mountwell Park: A smaller park that is designed for children and families. You can find covered sandboxes with toys, three separate playgrounds, a swing set, monkey bars, and more. The swings are set lower so the kids are able to use them with limited help, making it safer for everyone. There are Tonka Toys in the sand areas for the kids to share, and fun slides of all sizes. Parents like it because it’s easy to see everything, there’s seating, and the kids can go crazy in a controlled environment. Everyone gets to enjoy outside, and use their imagination to play new games.
  5. Maria Barnaby Greenwald Memorial: The Cooper River runs through the park area. You’ll find a softball field, a 1.2 mile bike path, a 1.8 mile wildlife watch trail, and an environmental center. This area wants to educate you about the wildlife that inhabits the area and how to care for them. It’s important to respect the animals and to keep the park area clean.

Take the whole family to one of these parks near Haddon, NJ and enjoy the afternoon outside. Get back to your roots by spending time in nature. Bring some snacks, and remember to keep our parks clean. There’s something for everyone when you discover the best local parks near Haddon Township.

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