Benefits of Living Near a Booming City (Location is Everything) Haddon Township

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Haddon Township NJ is an easy 20 minute ride from Philadelphia, PA. That means you can have all of the benefits of living in a city without the actual city life! Avoid the loud noises, pollution, and even crime by living right outside of the metropolis. Living outside of a big city is an attractive option for those looking to raise a family, or for anyone who wants to keep costs down. Here are some of the best benefits of living near a booming city!

  1. Work: When you live directly next to a major city, you are more likely to land a well-paying job in an area that you enjoy. If you want to switch careers, then a major move isn’t necessary. You can find a new job at another great company down the street in the city. Even the most specific job titles can be found in a big city like Philadelphia. The commute to work and back would be a direct shot 20 minutes down the road, which is barely a commute at all. You can find whatever work you are passionate about, and be paid well for it.
  2. Nightlife: Living next to the city gives you the fun nightlife things to do without the crazy hassle of hearing the noise constantly. You can step into the busy streets for a special evening on the town, but you can also head back to your apartment whenever you want a quiet night in. Philadelphia has several venues for concerts, clubs for dancing, and exquisite restaurants for a fun date night. There’s always something to do no matter what you like!
  3. Cheaper Homes: The rates in the city are exorbitant. Apartment space is hard to come by in a larger city, and so the demand kicks the prices up as well. Keep some of that money in your pocket, and make your dollar stretch a little further by living in Haddon Township. You’ll get more apartment for less money by living next to the city instead of in the city.
  4. Parking: The largest headache in the city is where to park your car. A parking garage costs an arm and a leg, and there are usually limited spaces. Keep the car at your place in Haddon Township and take the train into town to alleviate the problem altogether. That way you won’t worry about finding a spot, worrying about other drivers hitting you, or the extra costs of gas, tolls, and the wear and tear on the car.

When you live next to a major city you get to have it all. You get better rates on your apartment, with peaceful and safe streets to come home to, as well as the best jobs and nightlife available. Feel connected to the city by enjoying all of the benefits of colleges, museums, and sports teams, without the hassle of city life. You get the best of both worlds in Haddon Township!

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