Ideas for Your Leftover Halloween Candy

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Halloween is lots of fun for kids and adults alike. There are costume parties to attend. Jack-o-lanterns to carve. And, of course, trick-or-treating! The kids love going door-to-door and gathering up all sorts of candy – and maybe pulling a few pranks.

And once the kids get home and eat a few of the treats they collected, you may find that you have an abundance of Halloween candy – probably more than you’ll ever need. So, what should you do with it all? Here are a few ideas!

  • Donate Your Candy: There are lots of groups that will happily take your excess candy, and it put it to good use. Not sure who to donate it to? There are several groups you might contact:
  • Freeze Your Candy: You can always put your candy in the freezer and save it for later. You can then add it to different baked goods or milkshakes or just enjoy it at a later time.
  • Bake With It: You can always use your candy to bake some treats right now. You can easily add candy to brownies or plain cookie dough (like a chocolate chip dough). Or, if you’re looking for something new to make here are a few recipes to try:
  • Use It for Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and you can always use it then. You can put it out for snacking, or you can make some adorable Sugar Cone Cornucopias as table favors – using the candy to fill your cornucopias.
  • Create Flavored Vodka: This idea is for the adults. You can buy plain vodka and drop a few candies into it to make your own flavored vodka. Think about using mints and fruit-flavored candies!
  • Add Candy to Your Coffee or Cocoa: Flavored coffees and cocoas are extremely popular right now, and you can make your very own at home. Just stir your favorite candy into your hot coffee or cocoa to add that candy flavor. 
  • Bring It to the Office: You can always bring the excess candy that you have to the office. Put it in the break room or by the reception area and watch it disappear quickly. 
  • Add It to Birthday Gifts: As your kids accept invitations to birthday parties, add a few pieces to the presents that they bring their friends. (It’s also great inside piñatas!)
  • Save It for Gingerbread Houses: If you make gingerbread houses with your children during the holidays, you can use your Halloween candy to decorate. No need to buy additional candy when you have all of these leftovers.
  • The Switch Witch: If you’d really like for your children not to eat all of the candy they have, perhaps the Switch Witch can come to your house. The Switch Witch is a doll (with a story) that comes and gives your child a small toy in exchange for the extra Halloween candy.

When you’ve had enough of the Halloween candy, use some of these ideas to use it up or get it out of your house. When the Halloween candy is out of sight, it will be out of mind!

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