Reasons to Be Thankful/Things to Be Thankful For (& How to Practice Gratitude)

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Being thankful isn’t only for the holidays. When your heart is thankful for everything around you, then you start to see the world a little differently. Appreciate your loved ones even when they drive you nuts, be thankful for what you have, and stop focusing on what you don’t have. Enjoy your house, take pride in your car, and most importantly spend time with your loved ones.


You’ll develop a deeper outlook on life, giving you more wisdom and maturity. By being more thankful for the everyday things that you have, you’ll flip your world view and see things is a positive light. Being thankful can transform an pessimist into an optimist. You’ll see people as more important instead of things. You won’t be as materialistic or concerned about monetary issues. Your time priorities will shift when the ones you love become the most important things in life. You’ll give more freely of yourself, and you’ll have more self-esteem by putting others before yourself.


Your thankful heart will make your smile infectious. You’ll walk around in a good mood, and want to share that with others. People are attracted to other upbeat people, so naturally, you’ll have more friends. Your social circle will grow by leaps and bounds when you share your thankfulness. Your relationships with significant others will thrive. You’ll see their worth, and reflect that in how you treat them. You’ll have deeper and higher quality relationships with everyone in your life.


Your mental state of wellbeing is directly correlated to your physical health. Your limbic system inside your brain is in control of your emotions and your hormone levels. When our emotions are out of whack, stress hormones rage, and it’s difficult for us to think clearly or even get quality sleep. It also drains our energy and leaves our immune system more susceptible to disease. Basically, the more thankful you are, the more positive you are, which has a domino effect on your health. Everyone wants to stay out of the doctor’s office, so by changing the way we think, we can avoid more illnesses.


Our brain is a fascinating thing. When we think of positive things, it goes through our memories to recall more positive things. Likewise, it does the same for negative, which is why it can be hard to get out of a depression spiral. By keeping this mindset, we set ourselves up for more positive interactions. When bad things do come your way, you’ll be able to bounce back from it more easily with a thankful heart. When you know you can handle whatever comes your way, then you are more relaxed and let stress roll off your back.


Thankfulness directly impacts your career as well. Now that you are more sleeping better, and thinking more clearly, then you’re able to make better decisions on the job. You’ll have more energy to be more productive at work. The boss will notice your new upbeat attitude and see the progress that you are making. With more confidence, you’ll have the ability to stand tall when you put your name in for the promotion. As a manager, you’ll see employees as people, and take a genuine interest in them. When managers care about their employees, the entire business thrives.

A thankful heart will make you all-around a happier person. You’ll sleep better, work better, and feel better. You won’t be as concerned with money, and you’ll see time as a better commodity. Time is the most precious thing that we have because we can never get it back. When we change outlook to be thankful, we prioritize our time differently to show others around us how much we love them.

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