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Your favorite bands are all lined up and playing together at a concert festival. The tickets are incredibly cheap, and you have a group of friends begging you to join them. Do it! Go! No matter how old you are, or what responsibilities you think you have, you can always make room for a great concert. Before you go to any summer concert or music festival, here’s what to expect.


Bring sunscreen: You’re going to be out in the elements all day long. Even if it’s a cloudy, windy day, the sun’s rays can still effect you. The number one way to have a miserable concert festival is to spend it roasted and in pain. Plus, it’s not super attractive to look like a lobster. Protect your skin from sun damage, and protect your festival from pain by packing extra sunscreen. No matter what, always lather up with a high SPF before you head out to see your favorite bands for the day.

Extra cash: Bring more money with you than you think you’ll need. Odds are, you’ll want a concert tee, and things will cost a little more than you expect. At some places, you’ll even have to pay to use a shower. Vendors know you can’t go anywhere else to get what you want, so they can hike up the prices. Bring extra cash with you so you don’t get stuck in a tight spot.

Clothes for all types of weather: Another quick way to have a miserable experience is to be underprepared for the weather. You can’t will the weather to be nice. I’m sure you’ve been checking the weather reports before the festival is supposed to happen, but as we all know–the weatherman is often wrong. Bring shoes that can withstand some rain and mud, a raincoat with a hood, long sleeves, and a warm pair of leggings. Of course, you should go the other route too. Bring a bathing suit, shorts, a few casual shirts, and plenty of undergarments. Bring some flip flops to wear in the shower if one is available.


Bring designer bags: Things are going to get messy. Carrying around a nice bag to keep all of your things is going to make you a prime target for theft. You’re going to want to wear a bag that can be hands-free so you can keep your valuables on you while you enjoy the music.

Expect luxury: Music festivals aren’t known for their cozy accommodations. Most folks are going to be dirty, and sleeping in campsites with only what they could carry. It’s not meant to be a resort. You’re there for the cheap tickets, amazing music, and making unforgettable memories with friends.

Leave your campsite a mess: You’ve had a fantastic time, and now you are dead-tired. We’ve all been there, but that doesn’t mean you get to leave your trash laying around. Be courteous to the Earth and clean up after yourself. Go a step further and pick up a few beer cans that aren’t yours, and toss them. Leave the campground in a better condition than when you found it.

There’s no time like the present. Don’t live in regret and wish you’d seen all of your favorite musicians. Buy those tickets, and see everyone that you want to see. You’ll even find new bands to fall in love with. Being extra prepared for a summer concert or music festival will guarantee that you’ll have a great time!

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