Ways to Make Your Balcony Feel Like Home

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Spring is around the corner, which means it’s time to get outside. You may have forgotten about your outdoor balcony space because it’s been so long since you’ve been out there! To get ready for the nice weather, take a few minutes to spruce it up to make it the coziest part of the whole apartment. With these tips, you’ll be dreaming all day of sitting outside and enjoying your balcony.

  1. Make it glow: The mood is set by the lighting. Create a cozy and inviting feel to your balcony with some string lights or lanterns. There are candle or electric lanterns that you can choose from. Find a style of lighting that makes you happy. You’ll be itching to get outside to be surrounded by the soft glow of your lights as twilight comes around.
  2. Outdoor mat: Bring the outdoor furniture together by having an outdoor rug or mat. You’ll want to find something that can withstand the elements, and something that has a nice design to it. A woven rug made out of natural fibers is a great option. It easily evaporates water, and traps dirt, but also looks excellent. You can find natural colors as well as bright colored patterns.
  3. Convenient trays: It’s lovely to have dinner outside on the balcony patio, but it can be a pain to bring everything from the kitchen outside. Have a few serving trays that are easy to transport back and forth. You can load them up with food, utensils, and whatever else you may need to be right at home outside. If you don’t have a table outside, then you can use the trays as lap tables so you can eat any dish. When you are finished, load up the trays and bring everything in.Choose funky or fun patterns that you don’t mind having on display. You can leave them outside or convenient storage, or as your tabletop surfaces when you go outside.
  4. Pillows: If you aren’t comfortable on your balcony, then you won’t want to stay there. Make your seating extra cozy by loading up the outdoor furniture with plenty of pillows. Make sure that every seat has a cushion and that every back has a pillow. It’s also a fun way to bring colors outside. Change out the pillows with the seasons to match your decorations.
  5. Plants: Having plants gives you a reason to go outside in the first place. You have to go outside to take care of the plants, which gets you in the habit of spending time outside on your balcony. While you’re there, take pride in the plants you’ve grown and enjoy them for a spell. Any kind of greenery brings life to a space and makes it warm and inviting. You’ll want to stay and admire your beautiful flowers on your balcony patio.

Sit, relax, turn on your new string lights, and let the patio glow. Bring a book to read as a way to unwind after work, or meet with a friend and laugh over a bottle of wine during the weekend. Make your balcony a space that you love. The more you are outside and unplugged, the better you will feel!

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