Best Places to Take Your Dog in Haddon Township, NJ

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The great outdoors is even better when you get to share it with your furry best friend. He will love a change of scenery and the social outlet of meeting new people and dogs. Most dog parks around the Haddon Township area are within parks that have many other amenities, making it an excellent outing for the whole family. 

  1. Cooper River Dog Park: Walk or run next to the Cooper River while your best friend gets some exercise. It’s a nice area that has a flat walking/running path next to a low trafficked road. There are quiet homes nearby, with plenty of greenery to enjoy. Bring a book and sit on one of the park benches while your pet has an opportunity to socialize. There is a small dog fence, and a large dog area. Bring a hat during the summer time because there isn’t much tree coverage. It’s never crowded, and sometimes, you can enjoy a quiet place to yourself. Bring any toys that you like to keep your pup entertained.
  2. Bow Wow Dog Park: The Bow Wow Dog Park has tons of space for all sized dogs. There is a separate area for small dogs as well as large dogs. This park is clean and full of friendly locals. There is lots of green space for both people and pets to enjoy. There are some trees around the perimeter, but most of it is open space so bring a hat and wear sunscreen.
  3. Voorhees Dog Park: Your dogs (and kids) will love Voorhees Dog Park. There are about 1-2 acres for the large dogs to run, and about ½ an acre for small dogs. There’s also a children’s playground area with slides, climbing areas, and open areas to run. Pack a lunch and enjoy the outdoors with a picnic on tables in a designated eating area. Watch the kids safely play as you sit on the picnic bench. There are also well kept walking/running paths that encircle the space.
  4. Connolly Park: This park is more than a dog park. Connolly has wide expanses of land with a beautiful gazebo and a large playground for kids, as well as a fenced area for large and small dogs. The trees during spring and summer are bursting with color. It’s a pleasant place to come and relax for an afternoon. One of the best things that you won’t want to miss is Woofstalk. It’s a fun event where locals get together and bring tents, coolers, and of course, their dogs to have a great time in the park for a time to share the love of pets.
  5. Laurel Acres Park: This park has one of the highest reviews in the area with hundred who have placed their vote. Overall, its a pleasant place to spend an afternoon with the entire family, pets included. The dogs will love the fenced in area, and the kids have their choice of three different playgrounds. There’s also a nice central pond that is home to many ducks. Near one of the playgrounds, there is a large grassy hill that the kids love to run up and down for games. It’s extra fun in the wintertime to sled down the hill! Other than that one hill, the area is generally flat. It’s one of the top parks in the area.

As the weather gets nicer, you’ll want to spend more days outside. Pack up a lunch, and head over to the nearest park to spend some time in the sun while all the little ones in your house get their energy out. There’s nothing better than a house full of happy and tired kids and pets.

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