How to Get the Best Deals on Furniture

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Whether you’ve just moved and are still settling into your new place, or you just haven’t found the right pieces of furniture to make your apartment feel like a home, shopping around for furniture is something we will all inevitably face. One of the first things you’ll realize when shopping around for furniture is that furniture can be expensive. Like most things, you either have the choice of buying something high quality and pricey, or cheap and, well… cheap. No matter your style, chances are, you’re shopping for furniture on a budget, or at least don’t want to spend a fortune on a brand new dining set or luxurious couch for your living room. So how do you find the best deals on furniture? Finding that perfect table, bed, or sofa doesn’t have to break the bank. There are plenty of ways you can shop for the perfect furniture and find something stylish, functional, and affordable. Let’s get started.


Shop around for used furniture. The first thing you can do is probably the most obvious: shop around for used or pre-owned furniture. This is the most practical option when shopping for something like a table, dresser, or even small items of home décor. Although you don’t want to buy a used mattress if you can avoid it, buying used dining sets are a great way to go if you’re looking for something cheaper yet still perfectly functional. You can usually find great deals on used furniture in designated sections of furniture stores, in clearance sections, or even online. Craigslist, online yardsale groups, and


Negotiate. Haggling, or negotiating, is one of the most popular ways to save money on big ticket items like furniture. Whenever you shop for a car, house, or furniture, it’s usually expected that the price isn’t firm. Take advantage of your position as a shopper, and see if you can get the price down from a salesperson or store. If the furniture is used, it will be easier to haggle, because you’ll be able to point out imperfections in the furniture to reason a lower price. Many times, furniture is sold as a set, such as a table and chairs, or a bed with a dresser. In those cases, it may be cheaper to buy the set as a whole (especially if you don’t have the option of buying them separately) and either keeping the extra furniture or selling it yourself.


Ask around. Family and friends can be some of the best and most unexpected place to look for furniture. Between coworkers, cousins, old friends, and neighbors, chances are someone you know is giving something away! Don’t be afraid to ask around about friends or family that are either moving or just have extra furniture laying around unused in a basement. People are usually always willing to declutter and give away old items that are just taking up space; you just have to ask!


Shop at the right time. Many times, getting the best deals on furniture is all about shopping at the right time. While it may not always be convenient for you to wait until certain times of the year to buy furniture, it’s a good idea to see if you can hold out on certain items that may be on sale in a month or two. Big furniture sales usually happen on national holidays like President’s Day, Independence Day, and of course, around Christian holidays like Christmas and even Easter. Check with your local big box stores and see if there are any upcoming sales that might be happening at a time that fits in your schedule.


If you’re not in a rush to buy furniture, then remember that you can always wait until the time is right and you just happen to find the right piece. There are plenty of ways to save money on furniture, such as haggling, buying at certain times of the year, buying online, and even asking around family and friends. Chances are, you’ll eventually find something that works for your budget, and your style! What’s your favorite way to shop for and get the best deals on furniture?

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