Must-Have Boho Decor for Your Home

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You’ve probably heard the term “boho” or “bohemian,” but when it comes to design and decor – what exactly does it mean? DécorAid describes boho as, a bright, patterned, multi-cultural melange of memorable layers and elements you simply can’t miss or forget for its uniqueness. The word ‘bohemian’ refers to someone who is socially unconventional and often involved in the arts, making it a great interior design option for a rich and heady space full of visual interest and a relaxed spirit.

But really, boho is great for anyone who loves that look – whether you’re a creative person or not. And if you’re thinking of bringing that boho vibe to a room in your home, here are some things that are often considered to be the “must-haves” to create the look.

  • Rattan Furniture: Rattan is a climbing vine that’s found in the jungle in parts of China, Asia, and Malaysia. And the process of taking these vines and weaving them together is known as wicker – so you often hear the two terms used interchangeably. This style of furniture is very popular with boho design – most often in its natural state or in white.
  • Carved Wood Pieces: Whether it be a beautiful coffee table or armoire, or even in the accessories around your home, boho designers loved to use carved wood to make a statement. It can be as ornate or as simple as you’d like, but try to bring in a few pieces.
  • Boho Rugs: There are a couple of different directions you can take when it comes to bringing an area rug into your boho space. You can go for something bright and colorful with a bit of uniqueness to it. Or, you can think about going clean and simple, focusing on something with a white base to it and some geometric or linear designs in another neutral color like black or gray. 
  • Butterfly Chair(s): Butterfly chairs are often used in a boho living room, office, or bedroom when you need to have seating. Their simple design works well, and you can look for them in different fabrics to add some dimension. 
  • Botanical Prints: Looking for some artwork to put on your walls? Think about botanical prints. You can go big and bold with one single piece or group them together to make a statement wall. If you’ll be going with multiple prints, look for them to be in the same color palette to bring cohesiveness.
  • Poufs: Is it really a boho-inspired room if you don’t have at least one pouf in it? Poufs are great as they can act as additional seating or as a table when needed. And they’re fantastic for adding pops of color! 
  • Lanterns: Need some additional light but don’t want anything too bright? Bring in some lanterns! You can fill them with electric candles or Christmas lights and add some soft light to your room.
  • Macramé Wall Decorations: If you thought macramé went out of style in the 70s – you were wrong. It’s another great way to dress up your walls! And you can do it yourself, or you can find some great pieces on Etsy. 
  • Baskets: If storage is needed, you don’t need to go buy a heavy piece of furniture. Pick up some colorful baskets in various shapes and sizes and store things in them. Your baskets can then act as accessories and functional pieces.
  • Plants and Succulents: Yes, head to your nearest nursery and get some plants and succulents. No boho space is complete without bringing in some live greenery.
  • Textured Linens and Pillows: And to add some depth to your space, seek out linens and pillows in various textures. Think about satins, velours, suedes, faux furs – anything that has some texture to it.

Boho is a great way to decorate if you love lots of texture, plants, and a mixture of colors! Use these ideas to inspire your boho makeover. 

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