Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

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Does spring have you looking forward to certain activities? Going outside for a bike ride? Grabbing an ice cream cone on a warm day? Playing a round of golf? Spring cleaning your home? 

While cleaning may not be an extremely fun activity compared to all of the rest, now is the perfect time of year to give your home a refresh with some spring cleaning. And when you use these tips, you can get the cleaning done so you can go enjoy all sorts of fun spring activities.

  • Create a Schedule: You probably don’t want to devote an entire weekend to spring cleaning. You may not even want to devote an entire day. So, if this is true for you, you want to establish a schedule that says what you will clean and when. Decide how you’re going to attack spring cleaning and then stick to it. Try scheduling specific rooms so you can stay focused and get the job done.
  • Get Rid of the Clutter: It may seem like just yesterday that you spent time getting rid of clutter in your home. But if you take a look around, it’s probably time to do it again. This is the time to sort through clothing closets and get rid of clothes you don’t wear. Check the space where you store linens and see if you truly need everything you have. Go through medicine cabinets and check under sinks. 
    • And once you’ve grabbed all of the stuff you no longer need, it’s time to figure out what to do with it all. Can you sell any of it? Can it be donated to a local charity? Does it need to be thrown away? 
  • Start at the Top: When it comes down to actually cleaning things, the best method is to start at the top. What does that mean exactly? You should start at the top of your ceiling and work your way down. This will allow dust and dirt to fall down, and you won’t have to go back and re-do all of the work you’ve completed. The very last thing you want to do is a vacuum and mop your floors. 
  • Go Green: Lots of people are trying to reduce their exposure to chemicals and toxins when it comes to cleaning. Maybe this is the spring you try to do this, also. There are lots of natural cleaning products that can get your home looking its best. Find products that work for you.
  • Give Some Special Areas Attention: When it comes to doing a “big clean” in your home, there are probably some areas that need special attention solely because they don’t get cleaned that often. This may include curtains, blinds, walls, cabinets, quilts and duvets, and windows and screens. 
  • Deep Clean the Kitchen and Bathrooms: Your kitchen and bathrooms are a magnet for germs, so give them a deep clean in the spring. Empty your cabinets and refrigerator and clean them. Clean your dishwasher and garbage disposal. Clean your shower curtain and under the bathroom sink. Hit all of the places you tend to ignore throughout the year.
  • Check Your Filters: During spring cleaning, check anything in your home that may have a filter, such as a dehumidifier, and change it as necessary. 

What are your best tips for spring cleaning? Most importantly, don’t let spring cleaning be a dreaded chore. Break it down into manageable tasks and tackle specific areas. You’ll quickly have a house that’s sparkling clean and well organized – leaving plenty of time to go enjoy the nicer weather.

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