9 Podcasts for Your Commute

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Yes, you can listen to the radio on your commute, but if you’re looking for something different maybe it’s time for a podcast. A podcast is downloadable media that you can listen to at any time – making them perfect for commuters. Today’s podcast subjects are many and varied and you’re sure to find one that piques your interest. Here are a few that you can check out!

9 Great Podcasts For Your Commute1. Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend

If you love the comedy of Conan O’Brien and want a good laugh while driving, you need to give this podcast a try. During this show, Conan spends time talking with and getting to know some of his famous guests on a deeper level. So far Conan has interviewed Will Ferrell, Dax Shepard, Wanda Sykes and many more.

2. 10 Things That Scare Me

While lots of podcast episodes run between 45-60 minutes, this mini-podcast usually runs between 6-10 minutes – making it great for those who don’t have a long commute to work. This podcast is just what you think – people sharing a list of the 10 things that scare them most. Sometimes it’s a famous person sharing their list, other times it may be the guy next door. The subject of fear has created a great little podcast because it doesn’t matter who is sharing their list, often their fears are our fears.

3. Undisclosed

Undisclosed investigates wrongful convictions and the criminal justice system. It’s an interesting look at how crimes are investigated, what happens during a trial, and how verdicts can go awry.  This podcast is hosted by three lawyers who bring a new perspective to the world of true crime podcasts which are often hosted by news reporters or professional podcasters.

4. The Dollop

Do you love history? And comedy? In this podcast, your hosts, Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds, tell you tales of obscure history here in the United States. You’ll be laughing out loud listening to this podcast and anxiously waiting for the next episode.

5. Microphone Check

Did you know that NPR has a hip-hop podcast? They do! It’s called Microphone Check! With great guests and lots of updates on the current state of hip-hop, give this podcast a try if hip-hop is your jam.

6. Science Friday

Ira Flatow is the host of this podcast where if it’s related to science it gets covered here. From coding to climate to what happens if you double-dip a chip, this is a great podcast for science lovers. Plus Ira interviews some of the greatest names in science!

7. Lore

Lore tells real-life scary stories in their podcast. This bi-monthly podcast often focuses on dark stories from history and will definitely keep your interest. There’s also a book series and a Prime Original series of the same name.

8. This American Life

This American Life is on every podcast list for a reason – it’s just one of the best. Each week you hear a new story that could be funny, sad, scary – you just never know – but you’ll always be captivated. With over 2.2 million listeners each week, if you haven’t listened to This American Life, now is the time to start.

9. This Is Actually Happening

Each new episode of This Is Actually Happening has a new guest telling you their true story. The stories are always life-changing and sometimes you just won’t believe what they’re saying. Told by the person with no additional commentary you’ll be riveted by what you hear!

The best thing about podcasts is that they are free to download. If you don’t like it, delete it and pick another one! What do you listen to on your commute? Are you a fan of podcasts? Do you have any favorites? Share them here!

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