Top 7 Benefits of Practicing Yoga

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As you are searching for your exercise routine this January, be sure to add in yoga to the mix. Yoga is able to be done by anyone at any age, with any physical limitations. Even if you are a heavy powerlifter, yoga has a place in your routine. The benefits go beyond the body, and help you in everyday life. Here are 7 benefits of practicing yoga:

  1. Increase Flexibility/Mobility: Men and women alike need to practice their range of motion in all of their joints. From being in limited positions all day, we become stiff. Muscles start to lengthen, and others shorten, leaving us with a decreased range of motion than before. We can’t do as many things if our body isn’t working properly. Yoga greases our joints and asks our muscles to loosen up by finding new body positions.
  2. Gain Strength: By holding difficult positions, you’ll be forced to use your strength to support your weight. Yoga can be a very active exercise regime that keeps your muscles lean and strong. You use movements similar to push ups, squats and other body weight movements to build strength.
  3. Improve Balance: One of the main pillars of yoga is balance. Your core stability has to be there, or else you’ll teeter and fall. It teaches your brain positive balance connections between your feet and your muscles. You’ll find yourself better balanced in other areas of life. You’ll see it in running, walking, and lifting weights. Having solid balance will help prevent injuries while doing other daily tasks.
  4. More Mindful Breathing: We all breathe, but we all aren’t controlling our breathing. Yoga will help teach you how to control your body with breathing. Our modern posture teaches us to breathe shallow chest breaths, while yoga encourages deep belly breathing. Our brain and nervous system can be altered from the way that we consume oxygen. Proper breathing can even improve our digestion and reduce toxins in our body.
  5. Increase Mindfulness: Through the exercise of yoga, you have movement, but it’s not in a rushed manner. You’re keenly aware of your body movement and how you are controlling it. It gives you a positive reflection on how to slow down and be aware of who you are and your choices. It gives you an opportunity to think while you are moving, and gives you confidence to do the same in other areas of life.
  6. Improved Posture: From the strengthened muscles, increased range of motion, and better breathing techniques, you’ll find yourself sitting taller with better posture. You’ll have confidence in who you are and want to hold your head up high.
  7. Better Sleep: From the physical activity and mental engagement, you’ll be able to sleep better at night. You can quiet all of the activity that is going on in your head with the meditation that comes with yoga, and your body will be fatigued from being used in a healthy way.

It goes without saying that if you have all 7 of these benefits, your body will be less stressed and less likely to develop certain ailments. Yoga can help you to have a healthier mindset and a healthier body. You’ll be able to lift more with more flexibility, and you’ll be able to prevent commonplace injuries in the home with improved balance. Find the right instructor for you and start today.

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