Pros and Cons to Getting The Flu Shot

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You’ve probably heard lots of talk about the vaccination debate. The reality is that vaccinations have been a major part of eradicating serious diseases. It helps prevent infant mortality, and extends the life of the elderly. We are able to live without fear of diseases like the black plaque and polio thanks to vaccinations. The unfortunate thing is that the flu and cold virus will never disappear. They are constantly changing which makes them difficult to eliminate completely. Getting the flu shot is your main line of defense every year. Here are the pros and cons to getting the flu shot:

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Limit chances of becoming ill: The most obvious reason to get the flu shot is that it dramatically cuts your chances of becoming sick. One of the greatest advancements in modern medicine has been the reduction of life threatening disease with the help of vaccinations. The flu may sound innocent enough, but it is known for taking lives every year. The major complication comes from fluid in the lungs. The flu can easily turn into pneumonia. By preventing the flu, you cut out your change of developing other illnesses.

Reduce your risk of being a carrier: When you get vaccinated you bolster your immune system to keep the cold and flu viruses at bay. The vaccine works by taking an inactive sample of the disease and injecting it so that your immune system learns how to fight against it. Just because you don’t contract cold or flu systems doesn’t mean that you don’t have the active virus inside of you. A handshake or a cough could spread the deadly virus to someone susceptible. Small children and the elderly are at the highest risk from dying from the disease. Keep everyone around you healthy by getting inoculated.

It’s cheap and easy to do: It doesn’t take much effort at all to get vaccinated. You can find places to get the shot at several locations around you. You don’t need to make a doctor’s visit to have it done. You can go to a local drugstore or pharmacy to quickly get vaccinated. The other positive is the cost. Companies have made it very affordable for everyone to do. It’s either a few dollars, or your company has made it free for you to have.


It can be uncomfortable: Needles can be a fear for some people. It doesn’t cause great pain, but there is some temporary discomfort that lasts for about 15-30 seconds. That short amount of time can be enough to deter some people. 15-30 seconds is much better than days and weeks of being super sick with congestion and fever.

It’ll take a few days to recover: It’s not nearly as rough as having the illness, but you may experience some fatigue and soreness for 2-3 days after receiving the vaccination. It’s your body’s immune system learning how to fight against the disease. The few days of fatigue will prepare you to fight off the real disease later.

The flu shot is something you need to do every year. Experts analyze the current strain that is on the rise and creates a vaccine for that specific strain. Do your part to keep everyone healthy by getting your vaccination today.

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